Hello World!

What’s on my mind for this very first post?  I could talk about what I saw at the gym today.  I could talk about how scary it is to be at the place in my life (and my kids lives) where I can start leaving the kids home alone for short periods of time.  I could tell you how much I’m hating all the laundry I have to fold today.  Which I wouldn’t have to do if I’d fold it as it came out of the dryer, instead of stockpiling it.  Or, what about how hard it is to get a 9 yr old and an 11 yr old to actually do their chores.  Would getting the dishes hand washed in a timely fashion kill you?  Nope, instead today I want to say something kind of simple.  I want to thank my oldest girlfriend for continuing to encourage me to start this blog. We have been friends since the 7th grade, and we’ve been through some crazy stuff, and still we lean on each other.   We went to the same two room school for 7th & 8th grade, we went to the same high school and were together the first year of college, and when I say we’ve been through some stuff, I mean we’ve been through some STUFF!  Thank you, for believing in me, and encouraging me, for sticking with me through all these years, even those couple of rocky years.  I am so glad that our friendship is so strong to survive those years.

So, I hope that my crazy life journey can at the bare minimum be entertaining for you who read this.  During the life of this blog, my children are going to continue to grow.  Lord willing I am going to continue to shrink, as I have just started a healthier lifestyle, including going to the gym, and trying to eat right.  I had a little health scare about a month and a half ago.  Come along for the ride!  I hope it’s a great roller coaster.  Scary, fun, makes you want to scream, or puke…depending on the day.  Depending on the topic.


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