Southwest Airlines Sensitivity Training…Oh Please!

Oh, for the love of all that is holy!  Are you kidding me?  Okay, first, for those who haven’t heard on the news this morning there is a big hullabaloo about a Southwest pilot’s mic being stuck open while he was having a pretty candid (read:  curse laden and vulgar) conversation with his co-pilot about the lack of attractive flight attendants, getting laid, then getting suspended and sent to sensitivity training.  The guy sounds like a total jack wagon.  Haven’t we all had a conversation with a co-worker friend in private that might be considered inappropriate?  I’m assuming that he thought he was having a conversation between himself and his co-pilot, not meant to be heard by other folks, certainly NOT the number it was being broadcast to.  There comes a point where you start to run into issues with how much of your life your employer can control.  I do love how one of the air traffic controller tried to tell him what he was doing, and used the word “endeavors” for his promiscuous activity.  Some of the news coverage made it sound like it was more of this meat-head abusing his authority, by trying to have a little boom chicka wow wow relationship with flight attendants in different locations, but I’m willing to bet there is an equal number of flight attendants that chase pilots as pilots who chase flight attendants.  I’m sure this isn’t a popular idea.  We are always more comfortable blaming the person in a more powerful situation.  Yes, yes, I know there a lot of those people out there in a position of power who use it for evil.  My question is, did Southwest have more of a problem with his language (the vulgarity) or his topic of conversation?  Sure, most companies have a policy about cussing, and I’m fine with that.  I actually appreciate it, since it keeps the amount of nasty speech my kids are exposed to out in public to a minimum.  So, should he be disciplined for his use of the F-word, or go to sensitivity training for his whole topic of conversation?  Sensitivity training is a crock.  Discipline him for both.  Suspend him for both.  Tell him that both things are not allowed in the work place.  But I run into a problem…I think we’ve become entirely too apologetic, afraid of hurting EVERY ONE’S  feelings, politically correct.  Shouldn’t we be more concerned with controlling how we REACT to what people say than how it’s being said?  Be polite, be respectful, but holy crap, say what you have to say and let ME be responsible for how I react to it.  We use political correctness to continue to decrease personal responsibility.  The speaker has to take all the responsibility? I don’t think so.

I’m not saying what this guy did was okay.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I think he was highly inappropriate, but I have to wonder, did he know others could hear him?  Cockpit doors are usually closed, you usually have to key on a mic.  I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he thought it was a private conversation.  I’m also not sure it should be news.  Certainly not national news.  He wasn’t confessing to a crime.  He wasn’t threatening to commit a crime.   This should have been handled quietly, and privately with the company.  That’s my take on it, any way.

At least it gave me something to rant about today.  Now, I’ve got to fold some MORE laundry, get the rest of my household stuff done, then bust out my cardio for today.  Yes, my weight loss journey will be a part of this blog as will a lot of the normal, day to day stuff, but hopefully, it won’t be a bore or downer.  I’m not sure how much I’m going to share, such as the actual numbers from the scale, but I’m thinking I may share my loss digits.  For the next 5 months, I have to go to the doctor every two weeks for a blood pressure check and a weigh-in, since I spent 6 months having borderline blood pressure issues.  With my wonderful, young, female doctor’s help & guidance we are trying to nip the bp problem in the but without medication.  I’ve been fat (see, not PC) for the better part of my life.  Until the last 6 months or so, I’ve had no real complications from it, my cholesterol, blood sugar, bp, etc have always been fine, but now that I’m thirty-mumpish I’m now paying the piper.  And since I’d like to be around to see great-grand children, I figure I’d better actually make a change instead of just talking about it.  So, that’s a little more about me….Hope ya’ll have a great day, and enjoy the little things in life.


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