I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet!

WARNING:  Those who are soft or faint hearted should not read today’s post!  It involves soft, cuddly, cute animal death.

I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet, and I had to deal with drama.  The dog got himself tangled trying to get what I thought was a cat.  I untangled him, because I encourage him chasing stray cats off.  (They are mildly feral and don’t always cover their business.) It wasn’t a cat, cat’s don’t make that noise.  You country folk know what I mean….It was the Velveteen Rabbit.  *sigh*  Rory got him, but didn’t kill him.  He was injured badly, by the time I got the dog away from him, and since the dog didn’t seem inclined to end his suffering, I had to figure out a way to end it.  Not cool.  I needed a man’s help.  Which still irks me after all these years.  I wouldn’t have thought twice about the Hubby helping me, and taking care of the whole issue, because that’s one of the MANY reasons I have a husband.  Darling Hubby is at work.  Doing the right thing.  So what do I do? 

I could have shot it, if we still lived out in the country, and wouldn’t have had more than a second thought.  Unfortunately, I think a neighbor would probably call the cops if I busted out the .22 this morning to dispatch a suffering an adolescent bunny.  What I had was a shovel.  What I didn’t have was the cojones to end somethings suffering with a shovel.  I’m just not man enough to bash its brains in.  So I went to Neighbor Man Number 1, who is an older retired gentleman, thinking maybe he’d be up this morning.  No such luck.  Thankfully, the couple across the main road were up and getting ready to head out.  He came right over, and politely said to me, “You might want to turn around now.”  What he didn’t know is that I was going to plug my ears too.  ICK!   It’s amazing the difference it makes how you are going to put a suffering animal out of its misery.  Am I a hypocrite?  Maybe.  Am I a girly girl?  Well, no, but the thought of taking care of this problem the only way I had, was  enough to turn my stomach. 

Then came the big decision.  What to do with the little bunny carcass…I can’t just leave him in the yard.  Our ground is clay, very difficult to dig in, so that was out.  I could have carried him down the hill and chucked him over into the woods, but I thought the other neighbors might not like that.  So, I double bagged him and put him in the dumpster.  I am very glad the garbage collector comes tomorrow.

It’s easy when Rory catches a mole.  They aren’t cute. They die fast, of heart attacks, I assume since they seem to suffer no damage.  I have no problem making him drop them and walk away.  This little guy was one of the cute animals.  Cute, cuddly, story book critter.  Maybe I need to find a way for the Hubby to work from home so he can handle things like this.  Carrying it off to the vet crossed my mind, until I saw how injured it was.  *sigh*  At least the children don’t catch animals and leave them to die.  I know Rory is just being a dog, but, bleech!  Not my favorite part of being mom to a furry, four-footed boy. 

I still haven’t finished my first cup of coffee.  And I think I need to bake cookies and banana bread for the folks across the main road…I think I owe them that.


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