I’m glad to be back

I’ve been on an adventure.  I mentioned here that the Doll-Faces and I would be traveling.  And what an adventure it was.  It started out on Thursday, on our four-hour drive to Michigan, when near Crown Point, Indiana the tie rod end on my front driver’s side tire decided to break completely off my car.  Thankfully, it happened in the parking lot of a very large, very clean truck stop.  The girls and I spent something like 6 hours in the Denny’s there, and the staff was wonderful to us.  Yes, 6 hours.  We were close enough to home that the Hubby rented a car dolly, and came and picked my broken car up, and brought me a company car.  Yep, my hubby’s employer allowed me to take one of their company cars on vacation.  What a blessing.   The down side of this delay was that I missed seeing my high school girlfriends this trip!  We had planned to meet and spend the afternoon together.  Next time, Ladies! So, we left our house around 8:30 a.m. and didn’t arrive at my parents until 10:00 p.m.-ish.  It made for a long day, but I got some knitting done while sitting around Denny’s.

Friday morning we left for Columbus, OH.  We took my folks van, so we had lots of room, and had a rather enjoyable trip, even though the a/c in the van decided it didn’t want to work very well about the time we got to the Ohio state line, but we managed.  I had the pleasure of sharing a hotel room with one of my Aunts and we spent a lot of time catching up.  Saturday we had our family reunion, and that was a fun time.  Sunday morning, we left Ohio, this time I rode with my Aunt and my Granny…I was too chicken to try to ride 6 hours in a vehicle with iffy air conditioning.  We got back to MI in the early evening.  One of the towns near my parents was having their fireworks on Sunday, so Grammy & Grampy took the girls to the fireworks.  I was too pooped to party.  So I stayed home and went to bed relatively early.  Unfortunately, my folks a/c in the house decided it wanted to conk out after I went to bed.  My parents got home before anything bad happened.  It was trying to run, but not blowing, so who knows what would have happened.  Monday, the Fourth, we spent a good part of the afternoon replacing the large a/c unit.  Whew!  It was hot work, but between the three grown-ups it wasn’t such a terrible chore.

Tuesday, my Dad had surgery.  Nothing major…other than it was surgery.  It was done laparoscopically and was uneventful.  Praise the Lord.  It went so well that Tuesday evening, Mom, the girls and I went out to dinner with the ladies from my folks’ church.  It was a nice evening.

By Tuesday night, I was homesick.  Well, not really, but I was ready to go home.  My Dad was feeling pretty well (I would have stayed as long as he needed me, since Mom had to go back to work on Wednesday) so…home I went.  I got home in time to run and pick up dinner and beat the Hubby to the house by about 5 minutes.  Rory, the four-legged child was super excited to see me.  He kept jumping up (yes, we are STILL trying to teach him NOT to do that) and I have the scratches to prove it.  As soon as I sat down on the couch, he decided to play lap dog.  He’s a sweetie, and he missed me.

Last night, the Hubby and I drove out to friends’ house to look at the vacant house next to them.  We are moving toward finally taking that grown-up step of buying a house.  It’s the perfect location for us…2 acres backing up to a state forest, 1/2 of the back yard is already fenced in for the dog, we like at least one set of the neighbors, and it’s out in the country, has apple, pear and peach trees.  Who knows.  If it’s the right thing for us, God will clear the way for us.

Right now, it’s awfully quiet here.  The girls are at Camp Grammy & Grampy for a few weeks, the Hubby is at work, so it’s just me and the dog…as much as I’m going to miss the kiddos, it’s nice to have an extended period of Just Us time with the Hubby.

That’s my crazy life.  So, what was your Fourth Weekend like?


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