It’s Quiet Around Here

I woke up this morning, threw on some clothes, started the coffee, and am now sitting on the porch, watching Rory chase birds he has no hope of catching.  It is always strange the first week or so after the girlies leave and go to Camp G & G.  No soft snoring from the bedrooms in the morning, no Sunday morning knock on the door so that one or both of them can come in for snuggles, no running around the yard whooping and hollering, no one begging to play in the hose.  I haven’t once been interrupted while writing this, which is a very strange thing.  I do love the couple time it allows the Hubby and I, but I’m not sure I like the sneak peek of how lonesome my house is going to be in a few very short years.  I joke that I’m looking forward to having an empty nest, but that’s not entirely true.  I heard Caroline Manzo  (don’t you judge me, we all have our deep, dark secrets, mine just happens to be The Real Housewives) say that there comes a point where you are pushing them away with one hand and pulling them to you with the other.  Truer words have never been spoken.  I feel like that is a line you start walking as soon as they become walking, talking little people.  You want them to be independent, but to still want and need their Mommy.  I know (and hope and pray) they won’t be with us forever….I want them to grow up, get married, have careers if they choose, and bring grand babies over to visit their Bubbie, Bubbala, Gramsie (a cute combo of Grammy and Mumsie what my girls call their grandmas and yes, I know we aren’t Jewish, but how could you resist some little kid calling you Bubbie), Yaya, or whatever they end up calling me.  Someday, any how. (Maybe I’d better start knitting for the grands now!)

It is also nice to be able to go to a party and be able to really relax.  Not that my girls wouldn’t have been fun, and had fun at the party last night, with the other kids that were there (although, there were a lot more teenagers, than kids their ages), and they would have loved the fireworks display…it was spectacular, but it was nice to just be Rick & Jessa for an evening.  It was great to be able to just be with the grown-ups.  Especially grown ups who catch the sly Monty Python references Rick and I throw out.  Teehee.  Yes, my social anxiety resolved quickly last evening, and actually wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been in the past.  I also met two more wonderful ladies here locally, and had so much fun.  It was worth the moments of stress and anxiety leading up to it.

So, back to it being so quiet here…the Hubby has to work today, so it’s just me and the hound dog.  Although, I probably shouldn’t call him that…what do you call a Standard Schnauzer/Black Lab mix?  Funny looking, for one.

Oh, I also discovered yesterday, I must be a pretty cool mom…my girls’ friend Sam, who moved out of the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, was here on Friday, to see the girls.  I explained they were with Grammy & Grampy.  Sam was back in the neighborhood yesterday, while her mom was getting their house ready to show next week  She came over so I could see her new hair cut & fun color streaks she got for the summer.  I must not be the scary, tough mom after all.  Now if someone could convince my girls that I’m a cool mom, I’d be in business.

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