*Cue the theme music from the horror movie of your choice*


Life has been interesting the last two weeks with no internet.  It was a nice little vacation.  I have a story or two to share…but I think I’ll have to spread them out.  I’m going to start with my whining for today.  My schedule is getting rearranged, yet again.  Bug has a new band director this year, and that means band starts before the girls bus even runs three days a week, and she’ll have extra lessons on the other two days, so I’m going to drive them every morning,.  That means, I must have the dog back from his walk by 6 a.m.  YIKES!  Nothing like staggering out of bed, throwing on my workout clothes, and walking the dog before my eyes are even open.  Then, back at home, I have to make sure the girls get ready on time, and we hit the door at 7.  I drop the girls off and then off to the gym I go.  It’s 9:30 and I’ve already worked out, drove home, showered and am ready to get on with the rest of my day.  I already feel like I’ve got so much accomplished, but I do think I’m going to have to get up just a bit earlier than I did this morning.  I snarfed an apple and 2 cups of coffee before hitting the gym, and now….nothing sounds good for a breakfast-y mid-morning snack.  The girls had Mom’s Smoothies for breakfast.  Super easy.  4 cups of frozen berries (I use 1 c. blueberries, 1 c. raspberries and 2 c. strawberries), 1 cup of water or milk, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder and a nice squeeze of honey.  You could substitute the water or milk for fruit juice, the girls really like pomegranate.   This makes enough for 4 servings, poured generously into coffee mugs.  It really helps the girls get their fruit servings.  We don’t use bananas, since Bug doesn’t like them in her smoothies.  She says it makes them too sweet.  I think I’m going to test out turning these into “green monsters” and add some fresh spinach.  I have it on good authority (from the ladies at Prayer Shawl) that the berry flavor succeeds in hiding the spinach.  Bug has already said she’s willing to try it.  Pally just gives me a look, like she can’t believe I’m even considering this.   I will report the results, when I try it.

Other than the shake up in my schedule, it’s been pretty much status quo.  Same old, same old.  And for that I’m grateful.  I am coming to understand that not having any out of the ordinary excitement happening is a wonderful thing.  We did have a run in with a “tarantula” in my car, we lost a finned family member, and we’ll eventually talk about the Sanford family penal code…we have had kids on house arrest.  I’ll share, just not today.

Thanks again, for being patient with me, while we were internet-less!  And welcome back to this sneak peek into my crazy life.



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