No Candy for the Sick

Does anyone else restrict their kids sugar intake when they aren’t feeling well? Okay, more than normal. I try to keep a lid on the candy & sweets, the majority of the time. Of course, I say that when I have a Good Humor variety pack in my freezer. The Hubby wanted Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars, Kroger only had knock off brands or no sugar added  ice cream bars, except for the big Good Humor pack, so we have ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches and sundae cones right now. Back to the diet restrictions…right after Pally told me she wasn’t feeling well, and had them take her temperature at school she stuck her hand in her trick-or-treat bag. Um, really? “No candy for you!” Poor kid. She is sniffle-y, and her throat hurts. Too add insult to injury, she got a piece of tortilla chip into her eye at lunch today, and that eye looks like someone dotted her a good one.

Bug seems to be attached to the medium-sized gold hoop earrings I bought for her Halloween costume. She’s worn them to school 3 days in a row now. Hubby chimed in last night, “So you’re a hoops kinda girl now.” Like it was a bad thing.

Currently, I’m writing this post, instead of figuring out what to cook for supper. I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet this week, and I got all side tracked this afternoon cleaning my kitchen. I took the reusable filter out of our furnace, dragged it outside and hosed it off. I cleaned the laundry room, had Bug help me by Swiffering & mopping the main part of the kitchen floor, then did the crazy, neurotic “kitchen crawl” which involves crawling around on your kitchen floor with a toothbrush and a container of Clorox wipes to get that 3 inch swath in front (under the over hang) of the kitchen cabinets and appliances. So, it’s now 5:40, and I haven’t even begun dinner preparations. I have no idea what to cook. We had pasta on Monday, red beans and rice last night, and the few quick cooking things I have in my pantry tonight don’t appeal to me at all. *sigh*

I feel like I should mention how my day was yesterday, having actually gone out and spent time with another mom. I had a great time. We wandered around one of our two local malls, found a great accessories only store called Charming Charlies. I tried on half a dozen hats. (Which is a risk I usually don’t take…I’ll talk about why another day.) My friend T says I look great in hats. We talked about kids, husbands and our families. We laughed, laughed and laughed some more. Then we couldn’t decide where to have lunch. We finally settled on a place, and we sat there and totally lost track of time. We got back to T’s house maybe 5 minutes before the kids got home from school. Thankfully our kids get off at the same bus stop. After browsing all those mall stores, I have some great ideas for the girls for Christmas. I’m so not ready. I was whining about having not started my holiday shopping yet, and Bug chimes in, “C’s mom is done already.” UGH! That’s the last thing I want to hear, because I get jealous. Every year I plan on starting early, and it. never. happens. I’m over it today. I remembered that I really love Christmas time, and that it’s not about the present part. It’s about family, and love, and above all the sacrifice Jesus made by becoming a little bitty baby and coming down to earth to live and die for us. Don’t we forget that all too often? Of course, with the change in the weather, and the holiday season, some of us have a special burden to bear, the burden of being melancholy, suffering from SAD, or remembering the loss of loved ones, or for the “average Joe” the hustle, bustle and frustration of the Christmas shopping season. Whatever your winter burden to bear is, focus on the joy, grab the joy and don’t let go. Decide to BE JOYFUL.

And remember, no candy for the sick.


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