No Rest for the Weary.

So, the last time I was here I was talking about having a sick kiddo. She’s all better now. Well, except for the occasional cough. We had a quiet Friday night, it was great. The Hubby had the whole weekend off. Yeah! On Saturday afternoon Bug had friends over. Cousins “C” (whose overly organized mother I mentioned before as being completely done with her freaking Christmas shopping by Halloween) and “S”. “S” is a former neighbor girl. For three years it was almost like she lived here. She and her family moved this last spring, to the very next town, only about 5 minutes away, but it might as well have been across the state, as busy as every one has been. We’ve seen her twice in the last 6 months, and I find myself missing her. The girls originally came over just to hang out on Saturday afternoon, but it didn’t take long for someone to ask if they could spend the night. Of course I said yes. They did make-up and hair, and even I got in on the hair action. I love people messing with my hair and when “S” asked if she could do mine, I couldn’t resist. On Sunday, we had smoothies for breakfast, and then “real” breakfast for lunch. Before breakfast I made a humongous batch of non-toxic play dough, and that kept 4 girls ages 10-13 busy for hours. We colored it, added a little sweet orange oil to make it smell pretty, and then I let them open my 100 count cookie cutters and go crazy. Yesterday, I found that I messed up the recipe, when I noticed it was molding. Gross. I wrote down the salt amount in tablespoons instead of CUPS! No wonder the stuff took so much work to get to a nice texture. I guess I’ll have to try again another day.I think “S” missed me. She was very helpful, and talkative. They drew for a bit on Saturday night while I was cooking supper and she made me a card, then later asked if it was okay that she called me Mom, and wanted a goodnight hug when my girls got them. I was happy to oblige. She has always been a good kid.

I divvied up the dough so both of the visiting girls could take some home with them. I managed to fill a lunch meat contain (you know, those reusable ones) with 6 different colors for both of them. I also woke Sunday morning to a very full living room. The girls decided to sleep in my living room. Bug and “C” were both on the couch (no, it’s not a pull out), “S” was in the recliner and Pally was wedged between the couch and the coffee table. Silly kids. Hopefully my next house will have a bigger living room or family room so that we can just have the kiddos crash right there in the floor.

Of course, by Sunday night I was sick! I think I caught Pally’s cooties. My throat hurt for two days. However, I finished Pally’s fluffy eyelash yarn scarf, on Sunday. I made it for her for Christmas last year. It promptly started to unravel on Dec. 26. I unraveled the whole darn thing and started over. Finished just in time for the cold weather snap we are having. She has worn it EVERYDAY since I finished it. I have one skein of yarn left before the Feather & Fan baby blanket I’m working on is done. I can’t wait. Hopefully by early next week I’ll be working on Bug’s scarf. It’s a simple ribbed scarf.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll have their hats started (or done if I’m really industrious). I’m also planning on starting another baby blanket in the Raspberry stitch. Maybe. I figure I can keep them in reserve, as gifts.

So, how busy have you been?



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