I’mmmmmmmm BACK!

We finally have internet in the new house. I’m going to upload a post I wrote a few days ago. I will do my best to keep posting. I’m glad to be connected to the outside world again.

LOOK! It is the elusive, wild Jawsiebelle. They do exist.
Okay, so I know I’ve been MIA for a long time, but honest, I had good reasons. Life is always an adventure, isn’t it? It seems like just when you think you’ve got the status quo down, it changes. I cannot remember when my last post was (as I am typing this offline currently) but I know it has been ages. So what has happened? Tons. The biggest change is that we moved. We now live out in the country. Thank you, Jesus. It is an answer to prayer. The house is big enough for us, there is almost 3 acres of property, and it backs up to a state forest. The state forest and our yard share a property line in the back. There is a fire lane back there so the dog and I stroll out there most mornings. There is something like 50 miles of trails, plus the fire lanes, so we are utilizing those for dog walks and family hikes. We actually went out Saturday, and walked/hiked for 1.5  hours, and R and I figure we walked something like 3 miles. We strolled. It was great. Heck, I even jogged a tiny bit at the end. Whoa! What is happening to me? Changes for the better, is what.
Recently we’ve all been sick. I’ve had my 4th ear infection in as many years. I never had them as a kid, and now I get them, what gives? Yuck. I think we all got hit with the adenovirus. Grody! There were two of us with ear infections, one of us with bronchitis, and 2 of us had a form of conjunctivitis. I got sick the weekend we moved in (last weekend in January) and I never stopped blowing my nose. Thankfully, we are ALL feeling better. I am grateful that R’s vacation coincided with his having bronchitis and feeling generally miserable, so he didn‘t have to miss work.
In the quest for a healthier me…I don’t know if I ever posted my weight here. I don’t think I did, but I think there may have been a discussion at one time about the “scary number.” That number on the scale that you believe if you never cross it, then you can fix the problem easily, once you finally get “serious.” Well, I had crossed that scary number at least 5 years ago, but I am very pleased to announce that I am officially below that scary number!!!!! I should have  known, since my pants where falling off. I kept telling myself that they were just cutting pants bigger now. I had gone down a size a while back, and now I think I’m probably down two. I need to go try on the next size down. It is very exciting. Of course, the fear of the ever fluctuating scale (I could step on the dumb thing 5 times in a row and get 2-3 different readings) was keeping me from checking my weight. I hadn’t weighed since before the move. Having taken Pally to the doctor and having her weight checked (so they could prescribe meds) gave me a way to verify the accuracy of my scale. Then, with R watching, I got on the scale. I never do that! It is usually done in secret with a lot of shame. Not this time…the number popped up, and I was stunned. Then I danced around. I haven’t seen that number since before we moved to Illinois. So I am feeling a renewed since of determination. I feel like it is the boost I needed. The desire to be out in the woods isn’t hurting me any either. So that journey continues.
While we currently don’t have reliable internet at home (I am using my cell phone to access things and that is spotty at best, the signal not being strong enough to even broadcast my wifi to the laptop), because we cannot make a decision about what service to use, I will be trying to write posts to save and upload at a later date.


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