Food Find

So, out here in the Boon Docks, we have a very tiny grocery store, called Oney’s. Or Manito Foods. It depends on which sign you are reading. It’s a cute little store, and handy in a pinch. Not big enough for regular grocery shopping, and some of their prices are ridiculous, but a couple of weeks ago, we decided we wanted “Big Breakfast” for dinner and we didn’t have any turkey bacon or turkey sausage, so I thought, what the heck, let’s try the little store. ‘Cause I wasn’t driving 20 miles for two or three things. Lazy me. So the Hubby and I zipped into the little grocery store, and were somewhat disappointed at their selection of turkey breakfast meats, at first…in the freezer case we found frozen “bulk” (I don’t know what you really call the sausage in the tubes) turkey sausage on sale. Two for the price of one. I figured what the heck, we’ll try it.  It was pretty good. I’ll give you the name on a later post, when I buy some more. I just realized I had Pally take out the garbage…no more sausage package. Any how, tonight we are having chili made with the turkey sausage. Back in the old  days, when the Hubby would cook, he used to make veggie chili with Prosage (for those of you unfamiliar, you can find more info here) and I miss it. I know it won’t be the same, but I’m trying. I live an hour away from our church, which runs a food store every Wednesday night, so I don’t have easy access to many of the veggie foods I’m used to. Of course, it is a lot better than it’s been in the past, where I stopped in Berrien Springs, MI at the Apple Valley Market to stock up on canned & frozen veggie foods on the way home from visiting my parents. Tonight’s chili is also going to have homemade pinto beans in it. I used to “cheat” and use chili hot beans, but one day I got brave and used some left over beans and added my own spices. We like it better that way. Hopefully, by next fall I’ll be using my own home canned tomatoes as well, whether they come from my garden or not. But I’d like them to come from my garden.

While I’m thinking about the garden, I just started to wonder if none of my neighbors have a rototiller I can borrow, can I rent one from somewhere? Hmmm…I really hope one of the neighbors will be able to loan me one. We have enough neighbors with horses and chickens, there has to be at least one person with a garden on our street. I really don’t want to have to prep the area I’ve picked for our garden by hand! I don’t know if I have that kind of fortitude. My Dad is starting some heirloom green peppers and tomatoes and already told me I could bring some home on our next visit. I’m ready to be growing things. I guess if I had the garden ready, I could already be planting some things. Peas, for one. I also think some of the greens can be sown this early. I’m still learning. I’ve got big dreams for a garden this year. Maybe too big. I’m willing to risk it, though. I think my girls are excited to be able to grow things, but I’m not sure they are going to want to help as much as they act like they do. That’s okay. I’ll still let them eat the reward. OH! I keep forgetting that we hit the mother lode here with “volunteer” raspberries! Let’s see how they produce. I’ve been doing some reading about them, and maybe I can make them super producers. I’m day dreaming about jam (even though I don’t eat it) and fresh berries, right off the canes. YUM! I’m also planning on starting some herbs in pots in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted. Speaking of volunteer growing things – there is a GINORMOUS wild rose bush on the trail I walk with the dogs in the morning. Or at least I’m 99% sure it’s a rose. Thorns, the right shaped leaves and what looks like rose hips…equals rose to me. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when it blooms. I tried to take photos while in the woods this morning, but the camera on my phone is not good for up close pics. It rained until about 10 minutes before I left for a walk this morning, and then like turning on a switch, the sun came out. It was breath-taking, walking into the sun, with all the drops of rain on the bare or budding branches just glittering like jewels. What a blessed way to start my day.

That’s all for today…I’ll be trying to add photos, just as soon as I can find a cord for my phone, or I can remember to carry my little point & shoot with me.


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