Do I Ever Rest?

After posting on Facebook a short snippet of what I was doing yesterday I was asked the question, by my Dear Auntie M: “Girl, do you ever rest?” The answer is, most certainly, yes. Even during a busy day, I find a few minutes here and there to rest. Take today for example…I’m going to share my To Do list for today, and then tell you how I sneak in rest.

To Do 3/23

  • Make lunches (super easy this morning, I made chicken salad last night with the leftovers)
  • Walk dogs
  • Change sheets
  • Finish Laundry (4 loads, total)
  • Put away the Hubs’ and my clean laundry
  • Sweep & Mop the kitchen
  • Sweep Bathroom
  • Vacuum: Living Room, Hallway, and Master Bedroom
  • Start planning the menu for the Hubs for the week the girls and I’ll be gone
  • Pick up Pally’s homework from school. She’s been sick since Wednesday
  • Clean Coffee Pot
  • Wipe bathroom counter & sink
  • Strain/portion/skim and put away the chicken stock I made overnight in the crock pot
  • Start dinner about 5 (I am really trying HARD to have dinner on the table by 6-6:15 every night)

There are so many things on my list that don’t need constant attention or constant participation. Before 8:45, I had made 2 lunches, checked my Facebook, had breakfast, walked both dogs (I walked them together this morning, since it looked like rain, and we did 1.5 miles), stripped my bed, and had started the first load of laundry which I started so it could be going while I walked the dogs. The laundry, cleaning the coffee pot, straining the chicken stock don’t need my constant attention. Right now, I’m taking care of the chicken stock, while I blog and finish my third cup of coffee, and a load of laundry is washing, while one is drying. A little later, I’ll start the first brew cycle in cleaning the coffee pot, then park my fanny on the couch and watch a t.v. show via Netflix or Hulu while I fold clothes. By noon, I will probably be putting away the grown-ups laundry, and making my bed, while running the 1st or 2nd coffee pot rinse cycle. Then it’s the HARD stuff. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, etc. Hopefully all that will be done by 2. I make sure the sink and counter area in the bathroom is cleaned and picked up, then I can sit down and work on a menu plan spring break, so the Hub’s doesn’t live on Ramen noodles and drive-thru. Gross. Around 3p.m. I can run (yeah, who am I kidding, I’m gonna drive) to the Primary School to pick up Pally’s school work. I still can’t get over Primary School. She’s in the 5th grade. Primary School sounds like the itty-bitty kid’s class at church. I don’t know if other states do this, but I love that Illinois does. It makes me feel like my kids aren’t growing up quite so fast.

So there you have it, how I can get a lot accomplished and still be “lazy.”Aggressive time management, and having a lot of chores that are “set ’em and forget ’em” kind of things.

We have some excitement going this weekend, Pally’s school carnival is Saturday, and I volunteered to work the ticket booth for an hour. I am trying much harder to become more involved with the girls schools. Maybe I’ll have some photos for the next blog post!

Have a beautiful weekend. For my fellow Sabbath Keepers – have a great one, enjoy the rest.  And we’ll meet back here another day.


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