I Didn’t Know You Knew Van Gogh!

Hi, ya’ll!

My poor little laptop is finally recovering from a particularly nasty virus. I still don’t know how the computer caught it. But, I guess it doesn’t matter now.

I want to know, do you talk to your kids? Do you make yourself available to your children? I try very hard to do 3 specific things every day (primarily weekdays.) I am at the kitchen table every school morning while the girls are eating breakfast, even if they make their own, or I make breakfast for them, and we chat. Usually it’s just chit-chat. “Do you have your book bag packed? Is there anything I need to know about the school day? Here are your choices for fruit in your lunchbox….etc.” When the come in the door in the afternoon, I ask how was their day, how much homework they have, whose day is it to walk the dog, and what their choices for after-school snack is. That is the week days. We have dinner as a family (or as many family members who are present) at the TABLE 99% of the time. Every once in a while, we’ll veg in front of the t.v. on the weekends, maybe once every couple of months. I “work” to foster conversation.

This morning, we ended up talking about paintings. I read a news article about how much Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” sold for at auction. (I have to note, when I showed Pally, who is 10, the photo she asked if a kid painted it. HAHA) That lead to Pally asking the worth of the Mona Lisa. Then the conversation morphed into paintings that we liked. I found that both of my girls are Van Gogh fans. I had no idea. I found it interesting how different their two favorite paintings are, even if painted by the same painter. Bug prefers “Wheatfield with Crows” and Pally likes “Café Terrace at Night.” Once girl prefers daytime, one prefers night….I love it when the kids amaze me. I guess I should know by now NOT to be shocked/surprised/amazed by my kids. They are so interested in so many things. It is also amazing to watch them grow into lovely young ladies, who are interested in things other than just boys and clothes. EW…Seriously…So gross! (I love that commercial, by the way!) They grow so fast. I keep realizing that I’m about to have a 6th grader and an 8th grader. I’m not that old, they were just babies yesterday, weren’t they?

After our conversation this morning, I made an executive decision, it is time for a trip to The Art Institute of Chicago. So, along with all the other craziness that is going to go on this summer, with Band Camp (all summer long), trips to MI for time with the extended family, and swimming lessons (thanks, Mom, it is a spectacular idea) we will work in some day trips. Maybe Memorial Day weekend would be a good first day trip….who knows. In the mean time, we have to focus on finishing the school year strong, and I have about a thousand projects I want to get done before summer vacation.

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