Wow, we had a whopper of a night of thunder and lightening last night. I am very grateful we didn’t need to seek shelter in our basement. I was up and out of bed twice, checking the windows (it was crazy hot here yesterday) and girls. I( am so thankful that there is a large over hang on the roof. I can leave the windows open in a down pour and as long as it isn’t raining completely horizontal, no rain gets in. What a blessing. I didn’t figure out that it was cool enough in the house to be able to close windows, and that doing so would make things MUCH quieter until 3 o’clock this morning. I’m beat. I have too much going on today to feel this tired. Pally’s end of year play & band performance is this morning. How am I going to make it? I need to get the dog walked, I think I’m only going to walk the indoor dog this morning, and get myself to the Primary (k-5th grade) school no later than 9:30. Yet, here I am on the computer. Shame on me. 😉 I am pretty sure I’ve got plenty of time. I’ve been waiting for the thunder and lightning to stop, and the rain to let up. It seems the “storming” is over for now, and the rain has lessened quite a bit, so I guess this is all for today.

Hope you all have a safe & fun day!


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