I Hit the Jackpot!

My prize! This tea towel is going on the wall in my kitchen.

I hope this post is as interesting to some of you as the finds are too me. So, we went scavenging the other day at a city-wide garage sale one town over. We hit the jackpot. I got a 21.5 qt canning kettle for $4, and the phone number of the lovely older couple who sold it to me, so I can buy canning jars from them (we had run out of trunk space)…a dozen quart jars with lids & rings for $5.50, or if when canning time comes I need any help I can call that lovely lady for advice/help. How awesome is that? I forgot how great small town living was. Rick found two suits in perfect condition, that fit perfectly (well, I’ll need to hem the pants, but boo hoo hoo) for five bucks a pop. You cannot beat that with a stick. I also bought 6 “antique” linen tea towels for $2.

The first 3 tea towels. The 1971 was a special find, since it’s the Hubby’s birth year.

You know the kind that your great grandma’s had with the calendar for the whole year printed on them. Yes, 7 of them, plus what appears to be two cut open 100 lb flour sacks, although there is no printing on the fabric. They are about the correct size, at being 1 1/3 yard  of fabric.

Please forgive the crappy photography!

At another location, we got 5 seed/feed sacks, they feel like linen or thick cotton, the heavy one actually almost feels like blue jean material and 3 Michigan Navy Bean burlap sacks, for just a couple of bucks. I looked up those burlap sacks, and they are 9 bucks on e-bay.

The two best feed sack examples. The brighter, white one is a heavy-duty, seamless bag. I believe it was intended to be reused.

I also found an old food processor for making my laundry soap. I also was able to buy about 13 yards of fabric for….wait for it….$6! If any of you have been to JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby lately, you know that it seems like that is the going price for ONE YARD of fabric. See, I told you it was the Jackpot!

My $6s worth of fabric.

I passed up on the $1 boxes of pieces and scraps, and the $5 box of quilting ties (I had never heard of quilting with men’s ties) but it won’t happen again!

I am already planning a few projects. I’m going to turn one of the feed sacks (that was just a front) into my clothes pin bag for the line, the rest I may just turn into towels or utility cloths. The fabric, well, since I’m a rookie quilter, I’m going to make some place mats to practice my quilting.

And last, but not least, I found a darling little hand embroidered doilie.

Just an up close picture of the detail. I tried to crop the image with no luck. Oh well.

Ahhhhh, the simple things that bring me joy!

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