It Takes Time to Grow to Love a Kid That Isn’t Yours…

So, this weekend both of my girls were allowed to have one friend sleep over. On The Same Night! Pally invited over one of her girlfriends from her old school, a kid I know, and think is pretty cool. Bug, on the other hand, invited a NEW kid over. I love all of my kids friends, (the ones who are close enough friends for sleep overs, anyway), I kind of see them as my kids. The friend Bug brought home is something else. I know not every one parents like the Hubby and I do, and every body is different, but this kid was something else. She irritated me almost from the minute she got in our car when we picked her up. I am not sure what it is. I hope as I get to know this child, she will grow on me and I can be to her what I feel my friends’ moms were to me. Right now? I could care less if this kid ever spent the night over here again. Bug’s other new friend from school (obviously she has other friends, I’m just talking about the two who have been involved in sleep overs), whom we’ve spent a bit of time with, she’s a good kid. So funny, and really sweet, but bless her, she comes with a steamer trunk load of baggage. She has not had a nice life up to this point. She’s currently a foster kid. And as a mom, my heart just bleeds for her. So I pray! A lot! Hopefully with enough prayer and love it will all come out in the wash. Maybe with enough prayer I’ll grow to like, and love, the other girl as well. Do you like all your kids friends? How do you handle sleep overs with kids that bother you? You have to tell me. I’m going to need all the help I can get, especially now that my Hubby pointed out pretty soon there will be boys wanting to hang out at our house as well. *sigh*

Okay, on to another topic…CRAFTING! My Hubby requested a fabric lunch bag. So, I had the bright idea to use, wait for it….a cloth feed sack. I drew up a pattern, cut it out of a heavy-duty seamless feed sack, and whipped it up.

Feed sack lunch bag. It’s big enough to hold two re-useable lunch meat containers (because the Hubby isn’t taking my good leftover containers to work), stacked on top of another, with plenty of room left over. I was actually able to fold the bag down a couple of turns.

I REALLY need a light box and a NEW FANCY CAMERA (hint hint), or something. These photos look terrible.

I also finished, finally, one of the dolly diaper bags for my nieces, today I will finish the second one. I’ve been working on these since before Christmas. Or NOT working on them as the case may be. Those photos will have to be for tomorrow. Bug has also put in a request for me to turn a pair of jeans into a knee-length skirt. She also requested blue jean dress. She keeps calling it a romper, but she wants it to have a skirt and sleeves, so it’s a dress. Right? I have so many craft projects to do! I am thankfully (and barring any real giant screw ups) almost done with the knit hat for Hubby’s co-worker, that will leave me only one more hat to do for the guy. He bought the first one right off the Hub’s head! After this, it’s a Jayne Cobb hat. A total of 3 homemade hats from me.  I still have to get 3 sets of curtains done. Yikes. I bought/found the fabric, have taken the seam out of the drop cloth for the living room curtains, washed & ironed the kitchen curtain fabric, and I need to wash the other panel of Pally’s fabric, then it’s cut, cut, sew. Oh, what a cute blog title that would be. Cut, Cut, Sew.  I also have 5 “pay it forward” homemade commitments, but I have until the end of the  year for those. I just want to get them started. Finally, the big project that is waiting for me….Bug’s quilt. I think I will buy the fabric the beginning of June, and get that started, or I’ll never start. I’m just going to handle it like eating a whole elephant. One bite, one project (or maybe even one stage of a project) at a time.

What projects do you have waiting for you?

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