I’m Such a Klutz!

Yep, it finally happened…I went down our basement stairs the fast way! WEEEEEEEE! I guess I needed to be reminded personally that the Lord is looking out for me. I didn’t fall from the top of the stairs, I didn’t break anything, or knock myself out. What I did get is a few days of R.I.C.E. therapy.

When I landed, and figured out I wasn’t dead, I crawled, yes, I had to crawl to the phone, knock it off the wall, and called my Hubby at work, all while trying not to puke. I wasn’t sure at that point I could even get up. I heard something pop as I was falling and was sure I’d broken something. I made the Hubby stay on the phone while I crawled to a chair in the basement and tried to stand up. I was able to. Yay! Apparently though, I sounded bad enough that he made arrangements to leave work and come home to tend to me. I asked him about that last night and he said, “You called me from a heap at the bottom of the basement stairs, that’s enough for me to come home and take care of you.” AWWWW…. I love him. I had made it up the stairs, carefully, and kind of crawling, and was on the couch with my leg up, icing by the time he got home. He brought me some ibuprofen, and made me go to bed, so that I wasn’t tempted to hobble around and do stuff. I am allowed, per Dr. Hubby’s orders (just kidding, Dear) to get up only to go to the bathroom & get food today. I’m okay with that. I’ve got the laptop, a stack of magazines & books (that my wonderful Hubby picked up at the library for me yesterday), the phone, and the ibuprofen bottle. I’m all set. I think there will be a lot of napping, Hulu watching, blog stalking, and reading that gets done today. I thought since I’m kind of tethered to one spot, it would be a good time to blog a little. I had wanted to share my antique/resale shop finds from this weekend, but…..that will have to wait until I’m able to be up and about a bit more. We found this wonderful place, about an hour from home, and it is loaded with reasonably priced treasures, some of them are actual steals. I’m supposed to drive back down there tomorrow to pick up my Singer Treadle Machine, in its cabinet, with all its parts and books (all it needs is a belt), but I’m not sure if that will happen or not. *sigh* The Hubby said not to worry, we’d figure it out.He volunteered to take a vacation day if necessary.

So, any thoughts on blessings in your lives? Or do you want to commiserate about being klutzy like me?


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