Dealing with Circumstances Beyond My Control

I am having a moment today. I am bummed out, and berating myself. I have plants & seeds that still need to go into the garden, and I don’t see myself being able to get out there and down in the dirt in the next week to do it. Stupid falling down the stairs, anyway. I know, I know, I know. But I have tomato plants that are going to die in their flat if I can’t get them in the ground. I hate to ask the Hubby, he works a full 12 hour day most days, and my Girls are in MI with Grammy & Grampy, or I know they would help. The Hubby is already taking care of both dogs in the a.m., Rory at bedtime, and carrying laundry up and down the stairs. I know that we are a team, but this house is MY JOB! It’s not as if I chose to fall, and I am ever so grateful that I’m feeling much better. I’m getting around much better, all though, still using a cane like an old woman, much to my embarrassment. I am thinking that I won’t need it by the weekend. Really, now I’m just using it to keep from straining the good leg, or putting too much weight or pressure on the injured one. I am also grateful that I didn’t need the doctor or x-rays, because that stuff isn’t cheap. I just want to be able to UNDO falling, so I can be out, with my hands in the dirt. I really, really wanted this garden, and I’m not sure how well I will come to terms with not having it if the Hubby is unable or unwilling to help me put the rest in the ground. On the plus side, I’ve been able to enjoy my new bed, where I’ve spent the better part of the last two days. It’s a cute “under-the-eaves” low post cannon ball style. So quaint, especially with the quilt my Granny & Gramps made for me (well, Us, I guess.)


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