The Simple Things

The Hubby and I had a wonderful, relatively relaxing weekend. I was still babying my ankle & knee, so I wasn’t doing a ton. Saturday we drove to a tiny town about 60 miles away that has a spectacular resale shop, and picked up my Singer Treadle sewing machine. It’s part 2 of my anniversary gift. (Part one is a lovely Mammoth ivory bracelet, that I got on Monday, as a consolation prize for testing to see if gravity was still working.)

I’m excited to report, per the Singer website, my machine came off the line in 1909! I know a lot of the info about her, including what style of cabinet table she has, her decal pattern name, AND she has an original manual. She (I know, I know, inanimate object) has been used, some of her decal is actually worn off the work surface of the machine, she’s missing a knob, and her cabinet will need some minor veneer repairs, and will need a belt. Thankfully, they didn’t swap her treadle out for a side mount, she still has her original rear mount treadle.

She still needs a cleaning, but ain’t she a beaut!

That is called the Thistle or Lotus pattern. I would have never thought lotus. That’s thistle if I ever saw it. There under the large, pumpkin shaped decal you can see that some of the border decal has worn off.  The detail on her cabinet is also amazing.

Top left drawer. The cabinet has 7 drawers, three on each side exactly like this, and then a long compartmentalized drawer in the middle.

Please excuse the picture quality, I was taking these in my derelict basement. Her current home is in my huge utility room, until she’s cleaned. She will become part of my sewing area in the main part of the basement, once the Hubby builds my Farmhouse style tables, one counter height, one regular table height to house my Janome machine. I’m also going to rehab a homemade armoir that was given to us years ago, and add shelves in the “closet” areas on both sides, to house my fabric & yarn stashes. I’m gonna do this project myself. I’ll be sure to share.

See, derelict basement! If she wasn’t too heavy I’d have rolled her outside (yes, she still has her original casters) and taken her picture in good, natural light.

Saturday night, we spent the evening being lazy, and watching stand up comedy on Netflix, and laughing our heads off. Sunday, we sat around most of the morning reading and drinking coffee. The afternoon saw the Hubby working on his hobby, knife making. I picked out some Christmas present craft patterns, and started a new project. I need to get some sewing done this week, but I’ve got a few inches done on the knitted Christmas project. I must really be a knitter, now. I was looking at the pattern, and I just knew the second section of instructions for the pattern was wrong. I got the pattern from a knitting mag, and I looked it up, and sure enough! I should have just gone with my gut. I knew exactly what the problem was, they’d swapped the knit & purl stitches. Now I know just to try it my way next time. (There’s no ego in my family. I have it all. At least today.) We were up really, really late last night, the Hubby had a second knife in for tempering (to make it hard & strong) and I was watering the tomatoes. We finally got all the tomato plants in the ground. I may have over done it. If you don’t see or hear from me in August, you’ll know I’m up to my eyebrows in putting tomatoes away.

Our girls are still up north, and having a grand old-time. I’m missing them, but am loving the couple time we are able to enjoy. We’ve got some plans for this weekend, since on Thursday we will celebrate 14 years of marriage, and 14.5 years of being together. Friday we are going out to dinner, then Saturday we are going to a little village here named Arthur, known as the heart of Illinois Amish country. Then in a few weeks we head to MI, where I will be going to a cookout with “the girls” including some of my dearest high school friends, and family reunion for the Hub’s family.

Life, it is all about the simple things, the small pleasures. I don’t need fancy things, fancy trips, expensive gifts. I just need the simple pleasures. Of course, there were many years I didn’t understand, or appreciate all the simple joys. Now, though, that’s all I really crave.

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