And the Angels Sang!

Oh my, did I stumble on an accidental miracle here the other day! So, I was doing laundry, and I grabbed the last bit of laundry out of my girls rooms. I figured since they are on vacation at Grammy’s & Grampy’s house, I might as well get ALL of their laundry caught up before they come home. They have been gone 24 days. Honestly, I know it’s gross, but I had just simply forgot to grab their laundry previously. *Kinda Gross Ahead* Well, I was sorting it out, and found an article of clothing with a LOT of dried blood on it. Our youngest has some spectacular nose bleeds, that often require carpet cleaning! So, I thought there was NO way that would ever come clean, and the article would just be trash, but I decided to try. First, I have to thank a dear friend who told me about Shout Advanced. That stuff alone can work wonders, even on some stains that have already gone through the wash and dryer. Not everything, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. So, I sprayed the stain with Shout, and scrubbed it in and left if for about an hour. When I was ready to put the load of laundry that item belonged with, I got my laundry toothbrush and scrubbed the stain, a bit came out, but not a lot. I thought, well shoot, back in the old days, my Grandma’s used Fels Naptha to get out stains. I never thought to try it, since I’d read some where they’d changed the formula since back in the day. So I unwrapped my extra bar, that is just waiting for me to make a new batch of soap, wet the stain with water, rubbed the bar of Fels Naptha on it, and then scrubbed again with the toothbrush. Oh my word! It was like new! It worked better than peroxide on blood stained whites. I put in a total of maybe 2 minutes of work, and the stain was gone when I pulled the clothes out of the washer. I’ve used the Fels Naptha trick now twice, just this week. (The hubby injured himself, refused to put on band aids and then bleed all over his khaki shorts!)

Was I the last one to know this secret? I’m going to buy a bigger laundry brush, and always keep a bar of Fels Naptha just for stain removal. For Pete’s sake, I wonder how many of my own clothes I could have saved? (My family is convinced I try to feed my boobs during almost every meal, 3/4 of my t-shirts look terrible, and I won’t wear them out of the house.)

What are your biggest, best or most surprising laundry secrets?

**Please note that these are just my opinions on these products, and my experience with them. I’m not receiving anything from the makers of these products, I haven’t been paid for my opinion. Although, if they want to send me some product, that’d be cool, or, I don’t know, gift me with a large amount of stock in the company.**

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