Neosporin is My New Best Friend

Sometimes being “crunchy” back fires on you. Have you ever tried a home remedy that went horribly awry? This week has been one of THOSE times. Okay, so, last Saturday, I spent the day with my dearest girlfriends, ladies I’ve been friends with since forever. Let me break it down for you…one has been my friend since the 7th grade, two have been my friends since freshman year in high school! We spent our time at one of the girlfriends parents house, in the pool. I took my 50 SPF, but failed to put it on. I thought of it over, over, and over again, and kept allowing myself to get side tracked. So, I got sun burned. Bad enough, right? Well…true confession time…I get cold sores, and often have an outbreak when out in the sun for a long time (I did remember to put on my SPF lip balm). I’ve been hearing/reading (and not just on the internet, people) about garlic being a treatment. I have long heard that garlic had some antibacterial/antiviral properties when you eat it, but had never tried it topically. Now I know why everyone doesn’t do it. Did you know that raw garlic can burn your skin? It did treat my cold sore, it actually shrank, didn’t swell much, and never hurt or itched. Okay, it hurt while applying the garlic, because that stung like…well…for lack of a better phrase…like a mofo. (Sorry!) Everything I’d learned, kind of broke down to apply a dab of crushed garlic or the cut side of a clove for 10 minutes, rinse and pat dry, then dab a little bit of honey on. Yep, worked like a dream the first two days…day three…my very small cold sore turned into a garlic blob shaped chemical burn. Boy, do I feel DUMB! It actually kind of looks like a giant cold sore, except it doesn’t itch, sting and so far, no icky scab. I think I’m going to have to stick with the method that works on my kid…L-lysine lip balm and oral doses of L-lysine supplement. Of course, I didn’t have any of that, since I sent her pills with her to MI. *sigh*

So, don’t do it! Or if you do try it, do just a quick swipe with the garlic, then rinse & pat dry, and dab with honey. That may keep you from an ugly lip. Of course, it still doesn’t hurt, or anything, which is nice. It just looks kinda tacky.

You live, you learn, and if you are nice you pass it on!

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