The Land of Nod



*Gulp more coffee*


How do you handle a bout of insomnia? I had one of those nights last night. I went to bed at the normal time, did my normal bedtime routine: bedside lamps on, big light off, fan on (it’s been in the 100’s all week during the day, and the ceiling fan & a/c set at 76 just isn’t cutting it!), lotion my dish pan hands, read my book….lights off at 9-9:30. Yes, we are those kind of people. I was back out of bed by 9:45. I didn’t want to keep the Hubby awake, he has to work. I ended up in the kitchen, on the internet, then a round of Mahjong Titans. I know, I know, everyone says the light from the computer will mess up your internal signals, but I’ll tell you what, nothing makes me as sleepy as a round or two of an Mahjong or Solitaire on the computer. I once fell asleep while sitting at the computer playing Solitaire. I finally crawled back in bed about 11:30. Guess what time the alarm goes off on Friday. No, really, guess. The Butt Crack of dawn, that’s when! The Hubby’s alarm starts shrieking at 5:00 a.m., then my alarm goes off at 5:10. On the up side, by 8:05 a.m. I had packed the Hub’s lunch (because, bless him, he’d starve if I didn’t), made the coffee, taken care of both dogs, that includes cleaning out & refilling Shiloh’s water buckets (yes, plural, it’s been hotter than the blue blazes of Pensacola here), which I have to do outside of his pen because he’s afraid of the hose, watered the garden for 40 minutes, read the news via my phone(while watering the garden), washed and put dishes away, poured my second cup of coffee, paid some bills, one of which required a phone call, since somehow our online account with our land line provider wasn’t working, and…most surprising of all, started a blog post!

I have things I’d like to do, but I don’t think knitting or sewing clothes is a smart thing for me on 5 hours of sleep. I really don’t function on much less than 7, and 9 is better. I know a lot of folks can’t understand that. Sometimes I wish I was more like my Mom, who seems to manage just fine on 5-6 hours on a regular basis. I already feel like the men’s shirt I’m making is kicking my behind. I have never been real good at written instructions with pictures. I do better with being shown how to do something, which means, I can use the heck out of online tutorial videos. That’s pretty much how I taught myself how to knit. There is one saving grace with the shirt I’m making. I bought the fabric & pattern, oh…7+ years ago so if I screw it up so badly that Hubby won’t wear it, it can go into my scrap bag without much sadness. Can you believe I’ve been toting 3 yards of wild blue fabric with purple & blue flames on it for over 7 years, and I hadn’t made anything with it? Uncertainty stops me all too often from even starting a project.

Speaking of projects…I’m praying for cooler weather, so that I can get the canvas fabric for my living room curtains painted. I need to be able to lay them out on the deck, and the panels are HUGE! I’m covering a glass door and matching door sized window. HUGE! And then there are Pally’s curtains. *sigh* I promise, there will be complete projects soon for all to see. I figure if I can get the collar figured out on this man’s shirt I’ll be able to post that in a few days. I’m also working on some doll clothes, but not getting very far. I promise, there will be some proof that I can finish what I start soon, especially since I figured out I can quickly upload photos from my WordPress app on my phone! Woot Woot.

(Secretly, though, I’d rather be at my Aunt Barbie’s house, floating around the little lake on a floaty, like my girls did yesterday, then do anything else today.)

For now, so I don’t sew my fingers to anything or have to unravel 6 inches of knit lace, I think I’m going to go take a nap!


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