On My Needles, and a Wild Man Shirt

Projects, projects, projects, and not a drop of motivation! Okay, that’s not really true. I’ve been working on the knitting, but neglecting my sewing. Frustration is holding me back. That, and perfectionism. Perfectionism is a crippler! Of course, I don’t feel the same toward knitting, because the projects don’t look “perfect” until after they are blocked, so I don’t expect them to look “perfect” until after that. But the sewing, oh, the sewing….I need a chance to re-take Sewing 1 from my high school Home-Ec teacher, Mrs. Russell. If I had the chance, I’d do it in a heart beat. Maybe I need to find a community sewing class. Just to verify that I really understand the basics. Hmmmmmm. In the mean time, here is a sneak peek at a couple of projects.

Lovely lace scarf. It didn’t photograph so well, unfortunately. This is the project I had 8 or so inches complete and frogged all the way back to casting on.

This is a lovely little scarf from the Red Heart: MORE than Socks! book. The pattern is Colorful Waves. I am using Melody Superwash in a lovely variegated wool. So soft!

Basket Weave Scarf

This pattern came from a Love of Knitting magazine, from last year. Unfortunately, the pattern was rife with errors. Thankfully, I figured the error out on my own, then confirmed it via the magazine’s website. I am knitting this in a Berroco Vintage DK in Sour Cherry. I am really in love with this yarn. It is a lovely acrylic, wool, and nylon blend, that is washable. It is the same yarn I made my Dad’s Christmas hat this last year, same color and all. Looks wonderful with his snowy-white hair. (It was also the same yarn I used to knit the hat that was bought right off my husbands head, in the color Cracked Pepper.)

And now…for the fabric I’ve been carrying around for 8+ years:

Wild Man Fabric

Can you just picture the Hubby wearing a camp shirt in this pattern? Hopefully, soon there will be a photo of my hubby in the shirt.

For now, I really need to clean my kitchen. I really, really need to be able to sew and NOT have to pick up and put everything away just to be able to use my kitchen. The hubby and I really need to shake a leg and get the basement ready for me to use as a craft space. *sigh* We just need to get to work. Easier said than done, right? I have so much to do that is much less WORK and way more fun. Of course, I’m not sure I should qualify those things as “To Do” as much as “Want To Do.”

As for those who are waiting for a curtain update, especially for the hot pink & grey kiddo’s room, I have been postponing those, just because she’s out-of-town. I plan to have them finished BEFORE Pally comes home from Camp Grammy & Grampy.

I also finally found out when the girls go back to school, so I can plan our end of the summer fun. That also gives me plenty of time to plan who is going to take care of Rory-dog while we are at the little lake.


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