Praying for Rain

I imagine most of you know that we desperately need rain. I know my MI folks have received some, finally. It seemed like we might get some yesterday, and we did get a micro-sprinkle. Pitiful. We had a 40% chance this morning, and still nothing. We have a 30% chance for the rest of the day…it makes me want to close the curtains and not even be able to see outside, because I am becoming very disheartened by the lack of rain. One day this last week…Wednesday, maybe, I heard a strange sound. I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I got up to look out our bedroom window! It had started raining! Woohoo, right? In the 3.5 seconds it took me to get to the living room to look out the patio door and watch the beautiful stuff fall from the sky…it quit. I don’t know why I feel so disappointed by this lack of rain. Is it that I am getting my hopes up every time there is even a chance, do I want it to rain, so that the cloudy skies seem justified, do I want to know that my kids prayers for rain are being answered (and mine too, as well as countless numbers of other people)? I don’t know. I just know that the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds right now is kind of making me angry. Irrational? Definitely. Maybe I don’t like being teased by “Mother Nature.” What I’m going to ask is, will you please add your prayers to ours, the prayers of the farmers here in IL, the prayers from countless across the country, and pray for rain?



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