Oh MY!

My first-born turns 13 today! Happy Birthday, Bug! We love you, and I thank God for you. You were my precious little peach-fuzz baby. Actually I called her Peach for the first couple of weeks, until it morphed into Ladybug, which was shortened to Bug or Bugie. You are turning into a wonderful young lady! I’m so proud of you. (Of course, she’s probably not going to read this any time soon.)

Isn’t it weird, the love names we give our kids? Pally has been Gator, Gator Baby, Ally Cat, Ally Gator, Ally being a diminutive of her real first name. We shorten their names, we add vowels to the end of sections of their names, where they don’t belong. (Just ask my hubby, who grew up being called Ricky.) I was Jaws, Jawsie, Jessa, Jessa Lee, Punkin’, Myrtle (to my Dad, alone) and to one Great Aunt, I guess I was Jill for a while, my first two initials being J & L, she just made the leap. The one I hated as a kid was Jessie, Jesse, Jessi…it didn’t matter how you spelled it, it made my skin crawl and my teeth clench. As an adult, I had male friends who decided to call me Miss Jessie. That one, I didn’t mind, but I think that had a lot to do with the personality of people who used it. They were friends with the Hubs first, and were very gentlemanly. It felt more respectful. I’m the Mom that hates for her kids to call other adults just by their first names, so if we are close friends (or they were my grown cousins, the ones in my parents generation) the girls put Aunt or Uncle in front of the first name,  just like I did as a child. If they are not quite so close it is Mr., Miss, or Mrs. First Name. Of course, kids have a hard time with the distinction between Mrs. and Miss. so often it’s just Miss….Funny, I just realized that I refer to the cousins in my generation as Cousin So and So to my kids. I wonder if when they talk to them, they call them Cousin So and So? I never really paid attention, but I will now. Of course, the fact that I have a cousin who many still call Brother (his childhood nickname), leads to all kinds of confusion. When you hear yourself say, “You know, your cousin Brother,” to your kids, you stop and think for just a minute, and wonder if your Hubby calling you JessaBob, inferring that you are a red-necked Hillbilly, isn’t awfully fitting. My family is one for nick names. Especially my Mom’s side. My Grandpa had a nick name for everyone. This is the man most referred to as Doc, even though he was a welder by trade. I need to ask someone how he came by that nickname I believe he’s the one who gave me the nick name of Jawsie. My Mom is Honey. Has been Honey for time immemorial. Her first name doesn’t even start with an H. The only H in her name was at the end of her maiden name. It has nothing to do with the sound of the word, yet there are a ton of people in our hometown who wouldn’t know who she was if you said her first name to them. Ask me how confusing it is to introduce your Mom to people and stumble every time, quickly trying to decide if it’s someone she should be introduced to as Honey or her given name.

Then there is my Hub’s family. Three of the four boys go by their middle names, except my Hubby. He goes by a shortened version of his first name, but not the traditional part. His name is Roderick, and goes by Rick. My sister-in-law, well, my Hubby just calls her Mugs, and some how, but the rest of us call her Mara. Then there are the nieces & nephew nick names, but I’m not sure how many of those are standard or just inside crazy Aunt Jessa’s head.



3 responses to “Oh MY!

  1. We are nick name folk too, lol. Of course we do come from the same family. I call Marshall, Bug or Boog, and Brooke is usually just B or Bee. I call Cameron anything that sounds like his name, Camberlonian is my favorite, or Cambam or Cammers, Camby. Gabriel is usually Gabers or Gaberdoodle. Sometimes he’s Gabel. It’s actually quite a miracle these kids know their real names :0D! I’m also with you on my own nicknames. I don’t really care what people call me, but Stephie is just one of my least favorite. There are very few who call me that. Kids I don’t mind so much calling me that. Actually I’m Aunt Stephie to my nephews, but only a handful of adults are allowed to call me Stephie.
    I think it’s neat how you have your kids address adults by Cousin/Aunt/Uncle. That probably stems from your mom. I remember her correcting us if we called her by her name rather than Aunt. I think me and Meg are the only two who call her and Aunt Barb by their real names instead of Honey or DeeDee. It must be where we’ve been gone so long :o(.
    Well I was just getting caught up on the blogs I hadn’t read. Love you guys and miss you! Give the girls love from us!!!!

  2. I blame Gramps for all of it! I still would like to know how he came to be called Doc. I find myself switching between Aunt Dede and Aunt Barbie, mostly because Mom calls her Barbie. I thin Tom & Sonja call my Mom Aunt Marge now, but I wouldn’t swear to it. Ally has been called every variant you can add to her name, and until she was about 7 would get upset if anyone called her by her real name. She would insist her name was Ally. Of course, she’s informed me when she’s old enough she’s going to change her name legally to Ally. Silly girl. I think of you as Stephanie or Teffy Ann, and I have no idea why. I still giggle when I think of all the definite nicknames Gramps had for people, except his kids spouses. They were always just son-in-law or daughter-in-law. That still cracks me up. Now, the aunts and uncles gave out nicknames. I think that’s how my Dad became known as Droopy. And my folks are the ones who started calling Aunt Carin “80-hours”, after an Ohio trip shortly after Rachel was born, but that only lasted a few years. As for my parents being the reason we do the Aunt, Uncle, Miss/Mr. thing, you are right. I still get the look if I refer to an Aunt or Uncle (real or otherwise) by just their first name, even if said person has insisted I drop the title.
    We miss you all too. Much love to you, Meg, the kiddos and of course your beautiful Momma.

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