Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons

So, after my post yesterday, my daily routine got a little sideways. It really started on Sunday, when our desktop decided to stop recognizing that our modem/router was connected to it. Not a super big deal, it’s just how I listen to music and how we watch t.v. I can live without those things until we get it figured out. (I’m really hoping we just need a new ethernet cord, since the other computer & phone are receiving the wifi signal from the same router, and it’s working fine.) Then after using our laptop to type yesterdays post, and cruise the web for a while, I shut the laptop down and did some responsible stuff, you know, housework. I decided to take a break and jump on the net, and the laptop won’t come on. The power light is on, but the screen stays black. Well, the hubby came home, popped the battery out and back in and it worked again. Today? Not a chance. I even tried his trick.

After the kiddos left for school, I put my first load of wash in for the day, and happened to be standing next to the washer while it drained. Guess what? Our drain pipe has reflux. (I’ve talked about the problem we have with the 1960’s direct drop into the floor drain set up, and how our early 2000’s washer is so powerful the pipe can’t handle the load if water and will flood my basement.) Thankfully, the Hubby had already put my utility sink together, even though it’s not connected to a drain pipe yet. I was able to put the plug in the sink, put the washer’s drain hose over the side and drain the washer into the sink. Then I have to empty the water into buckets, haul it outside and dump it. Problem temporarily solved. Although, after 3 loads of laundry, my arms feel like Jell-o noodles. I can with great pride say that, even with hauling out the used water, I had all my laundry sorted, 3 loads washed and hung up on the line in 2 hours.

I don’t know if it is the newness of it, or that it finally feels like a family effort, but I have more motivation to get my work done now that we have a chore chart/schedule. We broke it down so that there was 1-2 loads of laundry to be done each day, Sunday to Friday. Yes, we really do make that much laundry. (Remember I only have daughters, and one of them just turned 13.) With the chart, I don’t get overwhelmed by laundry, the time consuming act of folding it, or trying to cram all the washing into 1-2 days, feeling like I might suffocate under the mountain of dirty clothes. Plus, even with a 6 line clothes line, only 2-3 loads fit at any one time. Unless it is sheets or towels day, then that number gets totally thrown out the window.

It also warmed the cockles of my heart to see my dear Hubby come in from work, look at the schedule, and verify what has been done, what still needs to get done, and then pitch in where needed. By the way, he’s hauling out the last 4 buckets of washing machine water. My arms are tired.

Next on my schedule for today is to vaccum the living room. Very light beige carpet and a medium sized black dog…we have to do this twice a week, or the carpet takes on a very weird color and pattern. Then, I feel the need to bust out one of my knitting projects and get something accomplished. It will give me a chance to contemplate what to make for supper. I am leaning toward personal pizzas, to use up the last of my homemade sauce. Plus, I have a new, super easy, super quick pizza crust recipe. I’ll share both of these on another post, maybe tomorrow.

(Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors, as I am typing this on my phone, and don’t have the option to run a check. It is also a bit difficult to scroll back through and proof read it myself.)


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