Thursday Already?

I cannot believe it’s Thursday already! This week is just flying by. I am looking forward to this weekend, and then the next week, with the Hubby off work on vacation. It’s going to be a general home-bound relaxing week. Of course, we have some planned chores. A couple of “large” projects, but nothing too strenuous. First, this weekend, we are going to Wisconsin. We are going to the National Railroad Museum, and EAA AirVenture, with a possible stop at Lambeau Field. The Hubby would really like to have his photo taken next to the Lombardi Trophy.

On a completely unrelated topic, I have a small frustration that I’d like to vent. First, I hate criticizing someone else’s parenting AND blogging, but I’m going to today. Here goes. I read a blog on a regular basis written by a fellow Christian SAHM. She has more children (5, I think) than I do, and her oldest is about Bug’s age, and a boy. She has been blogging since February about her eldest having developed an internet porn addiction. Okay, it happens. You caught it, and can correct the problem. However, she repeatedly mentions how this child can no longer live in her house. I do NOT understand this. (Unless she’s not shared some aspect of this, where he’s harmed another of the children, or exposed them to the pornography.) Putting your child out of your home seems like the WORST possible choice. Can you imagine the sense of rejection this child might feel? How ashamed, dirty, unloved? Yes, I know I don’t know the whole story. I know exactly what this mom has shared. I have to wonder though, if she’s so willing to share these very personal details, would she really leave much out? Is it weird, that I am concerned about a child, his siblings, and parents I don’t even know? Too bad. I am worried about this kid.

Okay, enough.


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