A Finished Project!

Look! It is a miracle. I finished a project, and well ahead of time, if I might add. I conned my daughter into modeling this rather simple scarf (that has taken me forever, since I spent a lot of time during the summer NOT WORKING ON IT.)


(That’s not bad polish on her thumb…that’s what happened when she shut her hand in the car door about 2 weeks ago.)


I like the fact that it is long enough, without adjusting the pattern to be able to tie it in a European knot. I will hopefully have some progress to post on my lace scarf, and the newest knit project I’m working on, once I actually get a section of its pattern done. It’s a baby blanket, but I have to finish a rather large section of stockinette stitch before I start the first of 3 chart sections. (I have until some time in December to get this one done….)

For now, we are trying to lay low this weekend, and enjoy our last two days of the Hubby’s vacation. We are looking forward to the end of the month, when one of my best friends and her parents are going to visit for a day, then we have a quiet October, before the holiday season starts.

I have a whole list of projects in progress…classic A.D.D. I have the Hubby’s camp shirt, our living room canvas curtains, Pally’s curtains (yes, still), and a set of American Girl doll clothes that I’m working on. I guess it’s my defense against becoming bored with a project, right? Or am I just trying to justify my keen ability to dilly-dally around?

Any of you have any holiday projects going on, or a BIG list of projects that you have just waiting for you, in various stages of completion?

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