Crossing My Fingers

Well, well, well…after a series of coincidences, and a quick call to the Hubby and my Dad (who has worked construction FOREVER), it looks like our plumbing mystery has been solved. Here is a quick breakdown…I have been having to stop the washer between the wash cycle draining and the rinse/spin cycle to allow the utility sink to drain enough that I’m not going to be worried about overflowing the sink. This draining process takes anywhere between 10-15 minutes. So, my during 2nd load of laundry today, I allowed the water to fully empty after the wash cycle, restarted the washer and ran upstairs to shower and dress. When I was almost done getting dressed, I heard the washer stop. I flushed the toilet, and left the bathroom. I was at the washer within 3 minutes of the spin cycle coming to an end and flushing the toilet. Guess what I found? An empty utility sink. So I waited for the next load of laundry’s wash cycle was over. I ran downstairs to find the utility sink draining ridiculously slowly. I let it drain completely (while the rinse cycle was agitating) and then it started to fill with the rinse/spin cycle. Draining slowly again. I ran upstairs, flushed the toilet, ran back down and found a rapidly draining utility sink. Called the men in my life and received confirmation that our suspicions are correct. Hope springs eternal, that by the end of next weekend, with the purchase and installation of some more plumbing parts, all my laundry woes will be over.


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