Keep Out!

Not a very welcoming title is it, today? Don’t worry, I don’t want you to stop reading my blog. What I want is for you to NOT look at my garden. I’m ashamed. The weeds are as tall as my tomato plants. I go out there, thinking I’ll make some headway, then shake my head and walk away. My tomato plants are what I like to think of as free-range. We didn’t cage them or stake them this year. The Hubby and I had many long and unresolved discussions on the best and most economical way to accomplish this…and here it is, September, and it never got done. Once my ankle was healed well enough for me to work in the garden, the plants had already spread out quite a bit, and it was already an overwhelming task to even get started weeding. So, I’ll share my tomatoes, we’ll eat them ourselves, but please, oh, please, don’t look at my garden. I was embarrassed the young man who mows for us had to see it this last week. I currently have a mess of green tomatoes, a few just beginning to turn pink. It didn’t help the spread of the plants that the neighbor horse got loose and walked through the garden, either, but it’s 99% me. I think, honestly, I was so disappointed by the fact that my sheer clumsiness kept me from planting all the things I wanted to, that I lost interest. Oh well, we’ll try again next year.

So, now that I shared my “dirty little secret.” Let me share an update, of sorts. My utility sink is finally installed in the laundry room. Guess what? We are beginning to think there is more to the problem. The water no longer shoots out of the top of the drain pipe (since it empties directly into the sink), but it drains VERY S…L….O…W…L…Y! The Hubby snaked the drain, and that seemed to help a very little bit. We are starting to suspect that it is actually a venting problem. Meaning the washer drain is NOT connected to the two existing plumbing vents. *sigh* I just want to be able to wash clothes like a normal person. As it is, I washed a load this morning, hung them up on the line, and when I came back in the utility sink was only 1/2 empty. I asked the Hubby on Friday, when we first realized that our utility sink wasn’t going to be the final solution, “Why do we want to be home owners, again? I’m beginning to forget.” On the plus side…when he got on the roof yesterday to check the vents (we need a different plumber’s snake to clean them out, which we will probably be doing next weekend) he cleaned the gutters while he was up there. Another thing off the fall check list. I want to know though, who would have thought issues with doing laundry would be almost enough to make a girl cry? I have two goals with this issue:  1. To get the problem resolved, so that I can wash with out worry.  2. To not spend hundreds of dollars on a plumber.

I guess that’s all for today. If you could find it in your hearts to pray for something as minor as the laundry issues, I’d be much obliged. It’s making me “frazy.” (As one of the girls used to say…Bug, I think.)


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