Missing the Bus

I really wish that we could get a handle on the bus schedule for the kids! It is the fourth week of school, and the bus pickup time keeps changing, things keep getting adjusted. We have a weird set up as it is, the elementary school and the high school are in one town, and the middle school is in another, which requires a number of students to transfer buses at the elementary school, and they have been working some kinks out of that system. Hopefully, they finally have it all worked out. We totally missed the bus today! So we made the 14+ mile trip to the school two towns over. I was so grateful to have my car everyday, now that the Hubby has his new car. He had been driving my car, and I had the truck, except on grocery & errand days. He has a 45 minute commute so obviously he would drive the vehicle that gets the best gas mileage. Now, though, I can run errands whenever I feel like it, and not feel like I’m wasting gas.

On a frivolous note, has anyone watched The Real Housewives of Miami? (Yes, I indulge in the guilty pleasure of some of the Housewives…usually only OC, NJ and occasionally NY.) I stumbled across the Miami housewives this morning, and am on my second episode. Does anyone else wonder where they found these ladies? I have never seen so much bad plastic surgery! I know that many of the other Housewives have probably indulged, but Holy Moses, but I haven’t seen so much bad facial work in any of the other cities. And the one woman’s mother….what’s her name…Elsa. Bless her heart, she’s frightening.

That’s all for today…nothing deep, nothing special. Hope you all have a wonderful day. We are gearing up for a sleep over this weekend and taking the girls and a friend to see ParaNorman this weekend, then next weekend, we finally will be having the girls birthday party. I’m going to be a busy, busy mom.



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