Feeling Like Fall

I love the turn the weather has taken. I love these early autumn days. Yes, I know it isn’t officially autumn yet, but our nights are starting to feel like it. Mother Nature isn’t playing around this year. I think it’s been a week since we’ve had the air on. Last night, we closed all the windows before bed. I almost opened one of my bedroom windows a crack, but thought the Hubby might freeze. I need to put my “winter” blanket on my bed when I change the sheets, so that I can leave the window open a smidge.  We are taking advantage of the cooler evening weather this Saturday night. We are finally having the girls birthday party. Life has been just so busy, that it kept getting put off. We changed our theme from “Beach Party” to “Bonfire” and are going to have hotdogs and make s’mores around the fire. I feel very disorganized, because we committed to the date of the party, and the girls have had a hard time getting me address of their friends. Their school doesn’t allow passing out party invites at school. (Bummer.) So, basically, I am throwing a party with verbal invites. (Tacky, I know.) I’m worried about the turn out. We’ll just see what happens.

Yesterday, we spent 2 hours at the school, while Pally went out for the basketball team. We will find out today if she made the team. There were A LOT of girls trying out, I’d say 35-40 girls for a 10-12 girl team. Since it sounded like there is only one team for all three middle school grades, I’m not sure how many of the 6th graders will actually make the team. I told her I’d work out with her, to improve her basketball skills, whether she makes the team this year or not. I’m going to have to check Freecycle and Craig’s list to find a net. Believe it or not, my one year of being on the b-ball team back in the 6th grade myself, I remember quite a bit of how it’s done, and the drills to improve your skills. I could also use the extra exercise. If she makes the team, they have practice every night this week, since their first game is Saturday. We’ll see what happens. I would love for her to be even more involved. I wish her sister would show a little more interest in sports, but we are patiently waiting for Scholastic Bowl try-outs. That’s where Bug wants to be. (Scholastic Bowl is like competitive team Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy for school kids.) Did I mention she was on the ballot for Student Council? She didn’t make it this year, but she’s already thinking about student government for next  year. She also wants to take guitar lessons, so I need to find an instructor. Busy, busy, busy.

Me, I’m trying something new. I’m learning to use double-pointed knitting needles, and have started my very first knit in the round project. I’m and knitting a pair of mittens. Pally wants to knit her own mittens to felt (since they become almost waterproof) because her hands freeze in the winter. She’s finally showing an interest in knitting, and is working on a scarf for her American Girl doll. Bug continues to work on her Chinchilla scarf (synthetic), and it looks like a Muppet, if you ask me. The Hubby knits about 1-3 rows on his scarf ever week or so. He gets so flustered. He picked a terrible beginner yarn, but I wasn’t with him when he did it, so I can’t take any of the blame. He fails to move his yarn to the back after bringing it forward to purl, so he ends up creating an extra stitch, it creates a yarn over. I spend a lot of time on the weekends fixing or undoing other folks knitting. I need to be “mean” and start making them fix their own errors. I told Bug, with her Chinchilla scarf, which is knit with two strands held together, if there are any errors she’s on her own. I HATE tinking the super fuzzy/frizzy yarns, the stitches are so hard to see. I discovered my feelings when knitting Pally’s eyelash yarn scarf, which I ended up knitting twice.

I find it easier to knit when it’s not 100° outside or in. I am about 25% of the way through a project that has a due date, and I’ve only been working on it about a week. I love that it seems to be coming together quickly. It appears that the mittens will also be a quick project. I also have to do better at making time for my Mom’s scarf. I have been neglecting it. I guess I just don’t want to jump into another scarf right away, but it needs to get done. I also need to knit the Hubby the hat that I’ve promised him…of course, he would have had his hat, if he hadn’t sold the first one right off the top of his head. Crazy man.

My sewing projects are at a stand still, I think I’m blocking myself. Of course, life is busy. You would think I’d have more time, being a stay at home mom, but between housework, the kids schedules and family life, I feel like I’m constantly on go. This week, I have to get the desk cleared off in our kitchen, since my Hoosier cabinet is coming home this weekend. (Squeeeeeeeeel!) I’m so excited. We also bought and brought home a new chair last weekend. It came from the Bunn-Sankey house in Springfield. Yes, Bunn, like the coffeemaker company. We have another “recliner” like it from the Hubby’s great Grandparent’s. It was a wedding gift. They were married in 1903 (I think.) I am having a terrible time finding out what the chairs are called though. They recline. The whole chair tips back, the back legs (that look like 2 sets of legs) tilt or rock. It’s not a Morris chair, since the back is stationary. It has a relatively low seat. The one from the GG’s has an extra deep seat and an ottoman. The man who sold us the new chair called that a “Six-foot Man’s chair.” Uncle Google isn’t very helpful. *sigh* I just love the chairs. I find the new one much more comfortable, since the seat isn’t as deep. I guess I need to go to the library and start looking in the reference books. Hopefully, I can figure it out. I’ll take any advice I can get.

Well, I guess I need to wrap this up for today. I have to buy groceries today. Gross. I was going to buy groceries yesterday, and I guess in a way I did. I bought the food for the girls party, at GFS.


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