A Chill Is In The Air

Brrrr! It was 60° in the house this morning when we got up, and 40° outside. I think it is officially Fall! Love it. However, we are now at the “when to turn on the furnace” debate. I know the hubby wouldn’t have minded having it on this morning, but I want to hold off until at least the 1st of October. (Or later, if possible.) What about you? What’s your rule? Instead of turning on the furnace, I’m making a coffee cake.

In discussing the weather, we are speculating that this is going to be an UGLY winter. The Hubs thinks we will have our first sticking snow before Nov. 1. Time will tell. I am hoping for a true winter this year. (Mom, don’t call and yell at me, I know you don’t like winter.) Honestly, I just enjoy having seasons. Real, true seasons. We seem to have skipped them or skimmed over them the last few years. I am loving the chill in the air, and noticing the change in the leaves (albeit very minimal right now.)

When I change my sheets today, we’ll be putting our thermal blanket back on our bed, and the girls will be putting on their extra blankets. Our afghans are out in the living room. We are getting our long sleeves & sweaters out of storage. Wearing your warmest, snuggliest sweatshirts and sweaters, soups and stews bubbling on the stove for hours, and baking cinnamon laced goodies.  All things I love about this change in the season.

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