I am so excited. My Hoosier cabinet is finally in my house. We went and picked it up this weekend. Now to rearrange the kitchen and living room to move it into it’s place. Currently our desk is in our kitchen/dining room area, so we need to rearrange the living room to make the desk fit in there. We also need to rearrange our bedroom, since we bought an a new antique recliner. We now have a pair of them. They don’t match, but that’s okay. I’m still waiting for the antique furniture expert to get back with me on the actual age and name of the chair. Uncle Google hasn’t been helpful, I put in a couple of library hours doing research and the best info I can find that it’s a platform recliner. Of course, if you look that up, it brings up Morris chairs and modern recliners. I’m feeling impatient. Back to the Hoosier cabinet, it needs a little TLC. The paint is coming off the flour and sugar bins, it looks like someone put a top coat on the wood, and in the process coated the manufacturer’s plaque on the front and all the hinges. It actually looks like it was used, up until it was taken to the resale shop. It has its slide out counter top with the brackets that make it slide out, and meat grinder still attached to the side. It has all of it’s glassware, and a spinning spice rack. I also need to replace the glass in the front of the flour bin. I’ll post photos once I’ve got it in its place, and cleaned up. I can’t wait to use it. I know I’ll probably have to work on the bins before they get used on a regular basis, but I’m so excited! I have wanted a Hoosier cabinet as long as I could remember, and the ones I’ve found before this one have always been WAY out of our price range. The Lord has richly blessed me in this. He knew I needed the extra counter space, and fulfilled a dream for me.

Now, we turn our thoughts to my other dream, that the Lord seems to be directing us to, but on that we will have to wait and see….and it is a topic for another day. I would like to ask that you pray for us, that we follow the Lord’s leading in this thing, that He opens the doors that we are meant to walk through. I am not really free to share much more at this time, just please pray for our family as we are making important decisions.


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