Scumbag Brain

Don’t you hate crazy dreams? We rearranged our bedroom last night, and I told Rick I was afraid I’d stub my toe or get “lost”. What I didn’t expect was to wake up in the middle of the night, from a creepy ghost dream (it wasn’t scary), and be so confused (waking up from a deep sleep to make a bathroom trip) that I felt like the dream was real. Nutty, I know. It was so weird. The creepy feeling from my dream was so hard to shake, I practically ran to the bathroom and back to bed. So silly. I don’t believe in hauntings, and such, so why was I scurrying around like something was after me? Your brain is a weird organ. I hate that.

Today, I’ve been trying to stay busy so I don’t give in to the urge to nap. No, the dream didn’t keep me awake. I’ve done 3 loads of laundry, knit a row or two, and made two loaves each of zucchini bread and acorn squash bread (just like pumpkin bread, but with acorn squash instead). I’ve already started some crock pot BBQ chicken, and I think we’ll have coleslaw, and cornbread with it. I might make some potatoes to go with, but I can’t decide. Right now, I’m taking a load off and watching my favorite cooking show personality, Nigella Lawson. I have a big old girl crush on her. I love her cookbooks, her show, I think she’d be so fun to hang out with. Hopefully tonight we’ll get the living room re-arranged so we can move the desk, and get the Hoosier cabinet into its permanent home.

So, what’s up with you guys, today?

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