The Yard Afire

Okay, that title sounds terribly dramatic. It wasn’t that bad. Really. It was actually kind of funny….this weekend, Bug was burning our trash (yes, we live that far in the country that we can do that) and about half an hour later I glanced out the window and the leaves on the ground around trash barrels and fire pit were on fire. I kinda panicked. When I did the same thing years ago, when we noticed the fire it had spread so far it was under one of our vehicles, and the tires had popped on the lawn mower….the noise of which is what caused me to look out and notice the problem. Anyway, it turned into Rick using the shovel, I manned the hose (in my slippers) and Bug was hauling water in a bucket. We had everything under control and the hot spots watered down in about 5 minutes. No harm, no foul. It was a weird weekend for “accidents.” Later in the weekend, Bug grabbed a hot burner grate, bare-handed, while wiping off the stove. Pally fell while sweeping the kitchen, but caught herself before cracking her head on the tile. The last night shortly before bed, Bug was trying on some jeans, and while I was checking the fit, she started flailing around (I have no idea what she was actually doing with her arms) and caught me full in the eye with her elbow. No bruising, but it is a little puffy, still today. Such a crazy weekend.

Other than that, I’ve developed a new pet peeve. Some of you know that the Hubby and I are a taking a personal finance class, to learn to be proactive with our money instead of being reactive. We are working on a “zero” balance budget, meaning that all our money has somewhere to go, for example: spending, saving, paying bills, etc. When we do our budget there is no money just “hanging around” with no purpose. The darling Hubby has begun telling people we are broke, and he’s not shy sharing this phrase. I HATE THAT! We’ve been broke. This isn’t it. Yes, we have no money that doesn’t have a purpose, or isn’t earmarked for something (even if it’s something minor, like “spending money”.) We have money to pay our bills, keep a roof over our heads, feed our kids, keep gas in the car, etc. There was a time where we were so broke that my Aunt and her church kept our oldest in formula and diapers, my parents kept my girls in shoes and I cried like a baby the day I went to take our last $30 out of the bank to buy groceries, and someone had left a $20 folded up in the ATM cash dispensing door. (The Lord was looking our for us, as was some wonderful soul.) The Lord willing, we will never, ever see that dark place again. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to help people the way we were helped, by learning to use our money with a plan and  a purpose. (Some of you, by the terminology I’m using know what class we are taking.) So, that is my new pet peeve. I still love him, and am grateful that he is finally on board with me on learning a new way to handle our finances.

Well, I’ve got lots to do today or this week, some laundry, 6 pair of the Hubby’s pants to hem, and all the other stuff that I do in a week, so I’m off to get something accomplished.

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