The Best Laid Plans

I’ve read, and heard that when we humans make plans, God laughs. Lately, I feel like that may be true. Together, the Hubby and I, decided that I would start looking for a part-time job. No big deal. The problem comes that we live in a TINY little town, and the nearest town with real job opportunities is 25-30 minutes away. No problem, we have 3 vehicles. So, I started filling out online applications. (I haven’t finished, since I’m waiting for some information from my non-family, non-close-friend references.) Well, I went out Thursday, and my car had a flat. Friday, I drove the pick-up to our little town, but chose not to waste the gas, driving the big beast all the way to the bigger town. I’m grateful I didn’t. My car wouldn’t start yesterday, don’t know why, but when the hubby went out, to rearrange the vehicles so he could jump it off, he discovered that there was zero brake fluid left in the truck. Wow. Scary. We are budgeted to the penny right now, trying to get some stuff taken care of and get an emergency fund in place, and thank God we are trying to do that, since now we have to get a tire fixed, and figure out what the issue is with my car not wanting to start. I am also thankful that I haven’t sent out any applications or resumes, yet. Maybe God has something bigger and better planned for me. We will have to just wait and see what blessings there are in store for us.

I do have some thing interesting going on today. On Friday, I got my very first paying customer for food. I’m making a pumpkin pie, and yes, I’m making the crust from scratch. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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