It’s Always Something

What’s shakin’, Bacon? *snicker* Good grief, have I been uninspired lately. I have decided not to pressure myself about writing posts. When I’ve got something to say, or have a completed project to show off, then I’ll pop in. I have stuff on my mind all the time, all ADD-y, and really do have those, “oh, look, a squirrel” moments. I feel like I tend to share my freak-outs more than anything. Does it feel that way to you all? Let me share my freak-out from yesterday…on our way to class, the Hubby and I always have pretty deep conversations, and he could tell I was feel a little off, I assume by the fact that I forgot to put 1/2 the toppings for our taco dinner on the darn table, so we were talking about that. I am having a really hard time with the fact that our housing situation is still all up in the air. We did get confirmation that our lease will be renewed on the house for another year (in February), but that it doesn’t look like they are actually going to want to sell. *sigh* That means, we will end up moving again, probably twice, since we may not yet be in the position to purchase a home when our second year here is up. We’ve decided that we will be staying in this school district, come heck or high water, but knowing that another move or two are in our future, it just looms over me like a huge dark cloud. I am TIRED of moving. In our 14 years of marriage we are already on move number 9. It makes you not want to unpack. Let me put it to you another way, in the second year we lived in Illinois, on our 8th move, Bug just spontaneously started packing her room, expecting a move. We fooled her though, we spent almost 4.5 years at our first home in IL. So, there’s that.

But, hey, it could be so much worse! I guess we often forget that, don’t we.


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