Time Flies

My, how fast time flies! Can you believe that it’s almost 2013? How did that happen, already? We had a whirlwind trip to Michigan, to see family. We managed to see my Gran & Grams, three Aunts, two Uncles, a couple of cousins, and all the Out-laws, er, In-laws. Of course there were people we didn’t get to see, and that makes me a little melancholy, but we are all only given the same 24 hour days, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I loved spending time with my nieces and nephews. They are so cute, well-behaved, and growing up so fast. Of course, we spent time with my folks, because that is where we were staying, and it was great. We had a great Christmas morning, with lots of laughs. Two of us (I’m not going to name names, but not ME!) gave away what two of the gifts were. So glad we could all see the humor in it, and we all got a good laugh. Now, the Hubs and I are getting some much appreciated “couple” time, since the girls are spending their annual week (or so) with my parents. It is awful quiet around here, but that’s okay, since the Hubs and I are both sick, with a cold. Blech!

I, thankfully, was able to get some crafts (not all for Christmas gifts) with a deadline finished. (Pictures will be posted at the bottom of this post, if I’m not to sick to figure it out.) I also made some edible goodies for Christmas, hot cocoa mix, granola, trail mix, Christmas Crack (also known as Saltine toffee), Rollo turtles, and a new to us snack mix, called Crunchy School Snack made with uncooked Ramen, cashews, peanuts, corn flakes, curry powder and cayenne that I found on Pinterest. I think the Handmade Christmas with the in-laws was a hit. I certainly enjoyed crafting for it, and the handmade gifts I received. My mother-in-law drew my name this year, and I got a beautiful handmade wooden shelf, four felted mug rugs, a knitting needle bag and garlic chives seeds from her garden (along with everything I’d need to plant them indoors.) Sister S made reusable “paper towels” in the most darling patterns, and herb pizza crust mix. Both packaged their gifts in hand-made gift bags. So much fun! I think the gift Pally made was a HUGE hit. She drew a grown-ups name, her Auntie Mugs, and made her a Chrysanthemum Mirror, painted cherry red. So lovely. I think I need to make my self one, or as I saw on-line, 3, a big one flanked by two small ones. So lovely. Maybe Sister Mugs will get my name for next year, and we’ll do handmade again, and she can make one for me. *hint, hint* Bug drew her cousin A’s name, who is the same age as Pally, and also ga-ga for American Girl dolls, so she make her a couch, a chair, and a bed for her AG dolls. We used tutorials from   My Froggy Stuff’s blog and Youtube posts. They turned out so cute, and I may include those photos as well.

So what projects did I get accomplished? I managed to make an 1820’s style night shift and Christmas dress for an 18 inch doll, a beanie to match the scarf I’d finished this fall so that Sister S had a matching set (I had to change the original pattern, since I didn’t think a full-on fisherman style stocking cap would be cute), I finished the baby blanket for my cousin, and Bug got her slouchy hat. I think there are a lot more of those slouch hats in my future. The Hubs thinks there might just be a market for them. Ha! I have a scarf currently on needles, as well as the second in a pair of mittens and 1/2 a dishcloth. My plan is to finish the scarf, which I have had on needles for almost a year, before I cast on anything else other than kitchen cloths of differing sizes – dish rag, towel and paper towel sizes. I do plan on making a few hats, and lots of mittens (I need the practice) all through out the year. As for sewing projects I’m planning in the new year…I still have two window treatment projects to finish, and I’m planning on making reusable paper towels, some French Knickers to wear as jammies for myself, at least 5 lap sized rag quilts, and one queen sized Evening Star with Nine Patch Centers quilt, for my older girl. I don’t see the rag quilts and “paper towels” being too much work, but I’m freaking out a little over the Evening Star. I haven’t quilted since I was a kid, and only a basic nine patch then. I also told my younger girl I’d make her some 18″ doll clothes, but I don’t think I’m going to do anything as intricate as the party dress. That was A LOT of gathering! For now, thinking about it all makes my snuffly and sneezy brain tired, so I’ll go back to browsing Pinterest, watching the Science channel, drinking my coffee & hot tea (we’ve found that Chai tea, minus the latte, is a pretty good congestion buster), and slowly knitting my dishcloth, just generally being sick and whiny.

**Okay, I just spent 30 minutes trying to e-mail myself the photos of projects and crafts, to no avail, stupid “smart phone” doesn’t like sending emails with attachments. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for photos until I find the cord to connect my phone to the computer.

On a side and sad note, I want to send special thoughts to my Hubby, his siblings and Aunt & Uncles today…it would have been their Dad’s 70th birthday.

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