New Year Challenges!

So, I kind of hate the phrase, “New Year’s Resolutions, ” mostly because it is SO clichéd. Everyone expects me to say a certain number of things, like, oh, losing weight, getting fit, etc. This coming year, I am setting a couple of challenges for myself. Here they are:

  1. To finish my “To Do” list of 27 things (some of them REALLY minor) before the kids come home, including doing part of the things I expect from them. I’m going to “surprise” them by cleaning/straightening/organizing their rooms. Maybe “traumatize” is a more accurate statement than “surprise.”
  2. To get back to our housekeeping chore schedule.
  3. To log my food & exercise onto the “Lose It” app on my phone, every day, every bite, every step.
  4. To buy a decent pedometer, and USE IT!

I’m also considering a visual motivation for reclaiming a healthier me. I’ve seen the marble jar for weight loss. I’m considering doing two sets. One for pounds to lose/pounds lost, and one for exercise. I am thinking of rewarding myself for exercising, instead for pounds lost. I think that might be better motivation for me.

As for my To Do list…I’ve already accomplished 5 things from the list just today.  Woo Hoo! They were all really easy, and rather quick. I decanted my first batch of citrus vinegar (just a small jar as a trial) and used some of it. Wow! WOW! I love cleaning with vinegar, and even though the smell dissipates after it dries, I hated it…there is almost zero vinegar smell with the citrus vinegar. You just put your citrus peels in a jar or the vinegar jug, top with vinegar, cap it, and let it sit for 2 weeks, then you have citrus vinegar. It cleans like a dream. After repairing our leaking faucet in the tub, we were left with an ugly rust stain. I hadn’t done much to clean it, until today. I usually try to use vinegar and peroxide to clean my tub, so I went ahead and sprinkled a little citrus vinegar in the tub and sprayed it with vinegar. (I spray with vinegar and let sit, then spray with peroxide, and let sit a few minutes and wipe/scrub/rinse. Remember NOT to mix them together in the sprayer. Perfectly safe to mix by spraying one over the other, but not mixing in a container, like your sprayer.) I let it sit for the amount of time it took to scrub the toilet (that had 2 cups of white vinegar and a squirt of dish soap squirted in it and allowed to sit 30 minutes before) and sink. I thought that I’d need a little scrubbing power so I sprinkled on a tiny little bit of Bon Ami, and my first swipe with my rag, and I saw a noticeable difference in the rust stain. I think tomorrow, I’ll take a before and after photo before I tackle the remaining stain.

Now, I need to go with the Hubs to the Dollar Store and pick up a couple new spray bottles, and some more baking soda. The soda is so we can tackle the oven.


3 responses to “New Year Challenges!

  1. How’d you make the citrus vinegar? I, personally, don’t really like the smell of vinegar, though I do often use it to clean. I think the citrus would make it smell much better.

    • I save up my citrus peels in the freezer, until I have “enough” (there are no real measurements) and then you just put them in a jar or jug with a lid, cover with white vinegar and let sit for 2 weeks. Then you strain out the peels, and put it back in it’s container or a different one (if you can’t get the peels out.) My trial container was just a glass jar, filled, but not packed with orange peels, and topped with vinegar. Don’t worry, if the peels AND the vinegar change color. They both will. The color seems to leach out of the peels. My new jug, I had an almost empty gallon of vinegar, so I filled it with the citrus peels I’d been stashing in a big zippy bag in the freezer for a couple of weeks, and then just filled it up with vinegar. We eat a LOT of citrus, so I can almost feel a gallon size zippy bag in a week or two.

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