Well, DUH!

So it hit me yesterday that I HAVE A USB CABLE for my phone, it’s the charging cord. So, here are some of the photos I promised.

2012-12-22_11-49-39_775The Elephant Family Blanket



Josefina’s Christmas Dress

2012-12-19_17-21-28_677Josefina’s Night Shift

This is the AG Doll furniture Bug made:
2012-12-16_14-54-53_525 2012-12-16_14-54-30_127 2012-12-16_14-54-23_185

Unfortunately, I didn’t get good photos of the Chrysanthemum Mirror Pally made, or the finished hat and scarf for Sister S. When Bug gets home from Michigan, I’ll get a photo of her in the hat I made for her for Christmas.

Have a great day!


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