To Cold for Comfort

So, while having out-of-town company, we discovered we just don’t have enough queen sized blankets for comfort, when we have extra folks in the house…or more folks than we comfortably have beds for. With having one person sleep on the floor, we are short of bedding. I think this calls for me to make some quilts. I probably have almost enough jeans in the “rag-bag” to make a quilt, and I think I might have to make it like the one my Granny made…backed with a blanket. I think it was made for Deer Camp. A blanket made for hunting in November in Michigan. Yes, it weighs a ton, but it is oh, so warm. So, now it begs the question, do I just want to do a basic large square quilt, or do I want to get fancy with it? Or can you picture snuggling up under a log cabin quilt made with all the different shades of denim? Decisions, decisions….of course, I am planning on making Bug’s quilt first. I am planning on starting it in February. I’d also love to knit a queen size afghan for our bed, but that sounds like a 2 year project! The one I like the best, and I think will be the warmest is a bulky knit (2 strands of worsted held together) in a basic stockinette stitch. It will only require something like 25 skeins of yarn! That’s 3300+ yards! Sounds like a huge job. I would also like it to be wool. I might have to wait on that. It would still be cheaper than buying a wool blanket, and probably a TON softer, than the inexpensive wool blankets that are commercially available. Who knows. I think I also need to be on the hunt for sleeping bags & blankets at thrift stores and garage sales. Hold on, ladies, garage sale season is coming soon!

Before I start much of this crafting, the sewing anyway, the Hubs needs to get the remaining few bits of his workshop out of our basement, and I’ll need some kind of portable heater so I can move my sewing projects to the basement. I just don’t think taking on a huge project like a queen sized quilt is something I want to do at the kitchen table.

My current goal for today is to get my horribly cluttered & disorganized bedroom in tip-top shape. Things migrate to my room, to be out of the public spaces, and they don’t find their permanent homes. That’s my goal for today, as well as catching up on the laundry now that the dryer (oh my goodness, the spell checker landed on this word, insisting that a clothes dryer is spelled drier, the definition of dryer is less wet and of drier is a machine to make clothes dry – oh brother) is working again. Did I tell you all about that? My darling Pally put soaking wet clothes (the washer acted up and didn’t drain properly) into my dryer and started it! It broke the belt on the dryer, and we had to order it’s replacement. I’m just grateful that’s all that happened.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’ve got stuff to do.


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