Half A Bubble Off

I’m thinking tomorrow I need to take a LONG, meandering hike. I’m feeling off, like at the beginning of a blue funk. I don’t have any motivation, I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to leave the house….I know some of it is cabin fever. I’m craving a warm afternoon on the porch swing. Some of it is adjusting to our new routine, of the Hubby being back in a truck and over-the-road, mixed with all the decisions that have been made in rapid succession after the Hubs lost his job. Some of it is that the person who really appreciates what I do around here, the food, the clothes washing, the general home management, isn’t here to appreciate what I’m doing. I’m not dogging my kids, here, they are just being kids. Now that I’m realizing I’m having a problem, I can grab a-hold of my bootstraps and start making progress toward fixing it. I know that tactic doesn’t work for everyone, and there have been episodes in thee past where it hasn’t

worked for me, but on the whole I am in such a better place emotionally, and spiritually, that the minor funk, caught early enough, I think I can reverse. Besides, I’ve got a future “hipster” who would really like her Mom to finish her slouchy hat, and I haven’t knit a stitch in four days! The horror! And I think the Minions will revolt if I try to con them into popcorn and fruit for supper for the third time this week. I think tomorrow might be a Cheater Chinese Take-out Fake-out kind of night…chicken fried rice and chicken & broccoli lo mein. I might even share the recipes with you….not that I really measure any thing for this meal.

Keep your stick on the ice! Until next time….be good to each other.


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