The Urge to Write

Well, well, well, haven’t I been a slacker? I’d love to give you guys a good excuse, but there aren’t any, other than I’ve felt like I have had nothing to say, no desire to write, and no crafting being done.. Why do I have the urge to write today? Life has been something else the last few weeks. I turned 37, then we all had the flu, which we promptly gave my poor Dad who was here, visiting. I played midwife to our cat, we now have 4 kittens, which are two weeks old. We had a death in the family, I’ll not go into that today, it is still entirely too raw. Then last week, the week after our 1 night trip to Michigan for the funeral services, we had the girls spring break. I was grateful to be staying home. We did a whole lot of not much, recuperating. The girls are back to school now, and we have 7 weeks until Bug graduates from the 8th grade. (I was a very, very young mother! I’m really not 37!)

So why the sudden urge to let you all peek into our lives? I’m starting something new. We are on an ongoing journey to improve all of our nutrition, the grown-ups would like to both lose some weight, and I want to cement healthy habits in my girls lives. I always buy a lot of  produce, but often some of it gets wasted, because it gets pushed to the back of the fridge, or it goes bad before it gets prepared. So today, in an attempt to cut calories and eat cleaner, I bought and prepped all my veggies today for the week. I got home from grocery shopping about 4:30, and spent the next hour and a half prepping and packaging veggies. I chopped up 3 colored peppers, 1 lb of carrots, 1 large English cucumber, 1/2 a bunch of celery, 6 crowns of broccoli (enough to fill a gallon zip top bag), a head of cauliflower, 6 romaine lettuce hearts, and 4 heads of “fancy” lettuce (two gallon sized bags, and a large serving  bowl full for our dinner tonight). Plus I made honey mustard & mustard vinaigrette dressings. We had steak salads for supper, since I found thin cut top sirloin steaks on sale a few weeks ago. I still need to go make ranch dip for the kids, for their veggies for lunches and yogurt cups. I have found it MUCH cheaper to buy large containers of plain Greek yogurt and add my own frozen fruit and honey, and pack it in small single serving containers. Tomorrow I’ll boil a dozen eggs, for snacks and salads…and maybe a few deviled eggs for the kiddos. I’ve also told my new Whovian (Bug) that I am going to make Jammie Dodgers for after school. I think, as hungry as my girls are when they get off the bus, implementing “tea time” might be good idea. Plus, Bug really enjoys a cup of tea, hot or cold, just like her Momma. Pally will probably stick with hot cocoa.

On another note, we may have a house guest for a few weeks. It looks like my Dad may be training for a new career, and will be staying with us to go to a nearby technical school. It’ll be nice to have a man around the house during the week.

So, I am hoping this means I m back to having something to write about. Until next time….



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