Lovely Spring

I had a great topic for today’s post run through my head during my worship, but now cannot remember what it was. I should have taken the time to jot it down. Oh well. Instead, how about I pitch a small hissy fit about how hard it is to focus on my prayers when the neighbor’s 3 dogs are going CRAZY and the neighbor and the mail carrier are shouting a conversation to be heard over the dogs! I ended up praying with my fingers shoved in my ears. I’m sure I looked slightly insane, kneeling with my arms on the seat of my chair, my phone propped up in front of my face, and my thumbs shoved in my ears. Why was my phone in my eye line? I keep my prayer list in the Notes app on my phone, so it’s always with me. I guess I could have closed the door, but it is so nice today. I woke up at 6:15, and the temperature in the house was 70° with no fear of the furnace kicking on. I know it’s not going to last, we have a drop in temperature coming for later in the week, but it’s April, we expect it.

I noticed today that the lilac bushes have leaves, and I think later I’m going to check and see if there are any buds on them. I love lilacs. When we finally have what I think is our final home, I’m going to plant a full hedge of lilacs! the red maples in the yard are budding, and the brush in the woods is starting to turn green. We have flowers sprouting, hopefully the lovely purple spiderwort will be blooming soon.  I’m so excited for spring. It’s just lovely outside! On a side note, I think I need to invest in some garden netting to put over the raspberries, if I hope to get a harvest off the bushes before we move this year.

Aside from all that, in the light of the trials that come in this world, I wanted to share something I read just today:  “All who in this world render true service to God or man receive a preparatory training in the school of sorrow. The weightier the trust and the higher the service, the closer is the test and the more severe the discipline.”—Ellen G. White, Education, p. 151

Now, I’m not sure how to take that. How to apply it to life in general, and all the things that happen, that cause tears and pain, but I do find some small bit of hope this.


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