Crazy Making

So, I jumped up on my soap box today via Facebook. Here is my post:

Some Christians may accuse me of being a humanist. That’s on them. Personally, I think I am doing my level best to practice “love one another” and NOT be judgemental, self-righteous, and a stumbling block. Do you think all your posts are reaching those people you are preaching against OR do you think you might be alienating them, making them defensive, and DRIVING THEM FURTHER FROM GOD! How can those we “think” don’t know the Lord, and are rejecting Him, even consider God being a kind, loving, merciful, and compassionate deity, when His followers sound like hateful, unloving, fearful jerks? Stop demanding people believe exactly what you believe, instead, maybe we could practice “loving people to Jesus.” Compassion and care go a long way toward your views & beliefs being heard. Mind you, I’m not saying you cannot express your beliefs, but share with LOVE and respect, not condemnation. I am about sick to death with all the intolerance of PEOPLE (not choices/lifestyles/religion/political views) from “Christians.” You can believe something is Biblically wrong, and I may agree with you whole heartedly, but that doesn’t mean if we bash those people on the head with our Biblical views, and they don’t change, that we can just write them off. I’m about to block a whole group of people, since I can’t figure out how to block the hate filled pages they share, posts that are very poorly disguised as Biblical beliefs. Absolutely ridiculous. How many minds & hearts have you changed? Yep, I thought so…none. Dear God, I hope none of you people’s kids make any choices that go against your beliefs, or would that finally make you practice some Christian love?

(Warning: I’m going to use the hot-button issue of homosexuality as my prime example.) Now, before there is some confusion, I don’t agree with a lot of lifestyle/religious/political choices or actions, but AGAIN, that doesn’t mean I need to abuse people for their choices, or even things they may not see as choices. For instance, as a “breeder” I cannot know whether homosexuality is a nature vs. nurture issue. It is a choice to act on it, just as my being sexually active as a “breeder” is my choice. I can believe your actions are wrong, but that means little. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is this – how many people do you think you are going to reach via your Facebook page? I’d imagine if you feel so strongly about religion, political views, homosexuality, or traditional marriage, you most likely don’t have too many people you disagree with on your Friends list. Am I right? So who are you preaching at?

Also, I find it interesting, that only one of the many people I posted about today, felt the need to defend themselves. I purposefully didn’t name any names, because I’m a grown woman, and perfectly capable of hiding all the crap that’s posted, un-liking (is that even a word?) a page, or de-friending someone. I’m not afraid to do that. I’ve done it before, and will most likely do it again. Heck, I’ve done it to my own family, so I have no qualms doing it to a friend, or acquaintance. Whether it’s the political page that I hide half of what is posted because I find it offensive (for example, the Conservative Lady, who actually made a post about the size of the President’s private parts, it was very disappointing), with it’s lack of respect for a fellow human, or hiding inappropriate pictures, or posts that just make me crazy. But just as you all feel the need to express yourself, so to, do I feel the need to express myself. I was respecting your right to express yourself, by not commenting directly on posts, when I feel that someone might get their feelings hurt. Also, if you feel like you are being attacked by something I wrote, after I was specifically vague,  maybe you need to check yourself? Might I have touched a nerve? Do you flatter yourself that I have so few Facebook contacts that I must have been responding to you? I was responding to all of the things I’ve seen in the last months, that has been angry, hateful, and disrespectful. 

And now, my dear readers, I will jump back off my soap box. I welcome open discussion, you are welcome to disagree, but you will be required to be respectful, or you’re comment will be deleted. 

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