Winding Down

FYI: Sorry, I started typing this on my phone, and it published it before I was finished. I’m not sure how!

So, Bug informed me Monday, that in two of her classes the teachers will stop taking grades on Friday, with another week and a half left of school. As of now, she has 11 days (the last one being only 2 hours, the day of graduation) and Pally has 13 days. I cannot believe another school year has come and gone. I cannot believe I will have a high schooler in the fall! Time sure flies. We also have company coming into town for the graduation…the Grandparents are coming!

We have the girl’s Spring Fling concert tomorrow. It’s the first one for them of the year. The fall program was cancelled due to the band/choral director having the flu, at the winter program, my girl’s had the flu so they couldn’t attend.

On the project note, I have two knit projects started. One has been more trouble than it was worth. I’ve had to frog the darn thing 3 times, and I’ve finally swapped to a similar but less lacy pattern. I’ve got to get them done quickly, as they are for babies that are coming in July. One blue, one pink. Then I have 3 more to do before November! I’ll need something to keep me from losing my marbles during the packing and moving, right? I can’t believe we will be back in Michigan in 81 days! (If all goes well, we’ll be out of this house, no later than July 31.) I’m excited, scared, worried, freaking out, stressed out by degrees, but overall I’m happy to be moving “home.”  I miss being able to drop in at my folks house, or my Gram’s or Granny’s house, or even the aunts, uncles & cousins. Or driving no more than 3 hours to visit most any of the in-laws. Another thing that I’m looking forward too? Being able to see my dearest and oldest friends more than once or twice a year!

Oh, and an update from last time….Today was weigh in day. I’m down another 2 pounds! Yay! That was even after falling off the wagon on Friday and having pizza, and not counting it’s calories. I wonder if it would have been 3, if I’d logged it’s calories, and only had a piece or two, instead of 4! Also, we had ice cream on Saturday, at the new ice cream shop here in our little, bitty town. I was good, I ordered a one scoop cone, but more importantly, I planned for it, logged it’s calories, and still came in under my max calories for the day. Woot woot!

Until next time….

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