La La la LA!! I Can’t Hear You!

I cannot believe the school year is so close to being over. Bug came in from school on Monday wearing her graduation gown. I’m not ready for this! I just verified Pally’s last day is the 29th. Bug’s is the 23rd, at 10 a.m.! Wow. Poor Pally, she’s going to miss a whole day with all three of her Grandparents on the 24th. I feel bad for her, but she needs to be at school.  Right? I’m being a responsible parent, enforcing the fact that school attendance is important…right? I know I keep writing about this, but this is BIG for me. I’m going to have a freshman in 3 months!!!!!!!! I must be getting old. (My 20 year high school reunion is this fall as well! Let’s not go there.) I love my babies, and they are growing up so fast. I’m going to blink, and they’ll be gone off to college. And knowing my girls, they’ll pick schools on opposite ends of the country! I guess we’ll see.

On another note, I totally forgot to weigh this morning, so there is nothing to report. I ate breakfast, drank my 3 cups of coffee and then went, “hey, I’m forgetting something!” I always weigh BEFORE eating & drinking in the morning, so I’ll just weigh tomorrow….*crossing my fingers*

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. They are not quite weaned, but Momma Cat (Socks) is working hard at it, and mostly hiding from them. Zayne the Tank, is the most persistent one, and a loud little cry baby. As Bug sing-songed yesterday, “Zayne needs a ba ba.” It’s what she used to say when Pally would cry as a baby.  Socks seems to only allow them 2-3 minutes of nursing at a pop. She knows what she’s doing. They all seem to have gotten the hang of the litter box, thank goodness. I’m not going to let them go until they are fully weaned, in another week or two. I’m having a hard time with whether or not we are going to keep one of them. Rory, the dog, seems to be frightened of the kittens, and almost refuses to come upstairs. This was his house first, and he’s going to be here longer than the kitties, but Socks is very protective, and gives him the business whenever he’s upstairs. The meany! Anyone want a kitty?!? I’ll deliver…I’ll even deliver to MI. I just don’t want to have to take them to the shelter. Thankfully, our local shelter is a no-kill shelter, and the cuties get featured on our local news. I just know the shelter life can be traumatic. *sigh*

On the move front, I’ve finally gotten a little bit of gumption and have been going through 2 boxes a day, sorting out the things to keep, the things to sell in the moving sale, and the things to just throw away. I figure if it’s been in boxes in my basement this long, decisions need to be made and things need to go away. We’ll see how it goes. I’m figuring late June or early July for that, so that I have enough time to go through all the boxes downstairs, and clear out our closets & dressers upstairs.

I guess that’s all for now, or at least it’s enough. 😉 I need to eat some lunch and get some knitting done. I have so many projects I’d like to get done in the near future, I’d better get a move on.



2 responses to “La La la LA!! I Can’t Hear You!

  1. Are you sure it’s going to be your 20th class reunion this fall? You won’t be out of school 20 years until 2014. Just saying…..

    • Yes, Andrews does it like that. My class will be the 20 year honor class. I think they do it in the fall because of all the University activities that happen in spring and summer. I think they call it “Alumni Homecoming Weekend”.

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