Just a Little Update

So, any of you who read yesterday’s post know I missed my Wednesday morning weigh-in. I didn’t forget today. I am very happy to report another 4 pound loss. I am very happy. This also boosts my motivation to stick to logging and keeping track of my calories. It can feel a bit tedious at times, but it appears to be paying off. Yes, yes, I know, three weeks does not a habit make, but I’m on my way. My next goal, after the craziness that is coming next week, between a trip to Chicago on Monday, Springfield, IL on Wednesday & Sunday, graduation on Thursday and company from Wednesday to Sunday, is to add more cardio to my life. I need to add something above and beyond the dog walks I’m already doing. I’ll continue to keep you posted. (I assume you care, since you keep coming back and reading this here little blog.)

I want to thank my readers, for reading all the rants, thoughts and paragraphs of randomness I sometimes put out there. I also want to thank those of you who are rooting for me, for this little outlet of mine, and for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time….Take care of you!


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