Sticking Together

I’m going to post another one of those marriage & relationship posts today. Hope you are ready for it.  🙂  So, today, my parents are celebrating 39 years of marriage. 39 years! That’s an amazing number. That’s 62% longer than the Hubby and I will celebrate NEXT Friday. (Yes, the parents anniversary is only 7 days before ours.) There are days when I can’t imagine how they’ve done it, because Our almost 15 years often seems like forever. I know what the Hubs and I have gone through in 15 years, I cannot imagine what that list will look like at 39 years.

Imagine a 17-year-old girl walking down the aisle to marry a 19-year-old guy! Remember how much you grew & changed in the years between 17 or 19 and the age of 21! Or by the age of 25! Myself, marrying at 22, I changed a TON between the day I said “I do” and my 25 birthday. (Having two babies in those 3 years had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.) I’m a completely different person now than I was the day I got married. Of course, both spouses changed as they grew-up…Yes, we are all still growing-up.  But here they are, 39 years down the road.

They’ve stuck it out, in sickness and in health, through good times and bad. They set the example that you don’t just give up. You don’t quite. You don’t walk away. If it’s broken, you hang on to it, try to fix it, you don’t just throw it away. They made a commitment to each other, and when I came along, to me. They committed to be a family. I’m proud to say my parents have been married 39 years. I can only pray  that the Lord grants the Hubs and I at least that many years. 

I want to close with this:  I love you guys! You have been loving, supportive,  steadfast, constant, and reliable. Your daughter, your son (in-law), and your grand daughters know that you are behind them, that you love them, and are there for them, a team of love and support, but most importantly, you show us that you are our Family! For that, I want to thank you. I hope and pray that the next 39 years are even better than the last.


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