Following God’s Lead

…Or at least that’s what I think we are doing. Do you ever wonder if you are actually understanding what God is telling you, in the way He is leading in your life? Do you feel like a two-by-four Christian? By that, I mean, do you feel like God needs to whack you with a two-by-four for you to know what He’s saying? Do you need a billboard? I feel like I do. Some of you may have noticed that the count down calendar is gone from the blog. That’s because, in following God’s leading (Lord, please let this be true), we have postponed indefinitely our move back to Michigan. We kept getting the impression we were making decisions in panic mode. It’s like the Holy Spirit was whispering, “Wait, wait, something about this doesn’t feel right” in my ear. Do you ever think you are making panic-decisions? That’s how I was feeling, and I couldn’t shake it. So after much prayer, discussion, some tears (on my part, of course), we’ve decided to put a pin in it….We aren’t saying no, we aren’t saying never, but we are going to wait, to wait on the Lord. For now, we will stay prairie dwellers.

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